Anchrum has 'Eye-Opening' Visit to Nebraska

Tremayne Anchrum took his official visit to Nebraska over the weekend and he left Lincoln with a good feeling...

Over the summer, Tremayne Anchrum Jr took an unofficial visit to Nebraska.  He liked what he saw then, so he returned for an official visit over the weekend.

He arrived a little later than expected — getting there just as the game started due to a flight delay, but that did not stop him from enjoying his time at Nebraska.

"I missed some stuff — like the game-day preparation, some of the tradition leading up to a game, and the whole pre-game set-up, but I still saw a lot, and I really got what I came for," said Anchrum.

"The visit was really good and it was an eye-opening experience for me.  i have now seen all sides of Nebraska, of Lincoln, and the program.  I have seen the people, how the state supports the school, and I've gotten to see that the people are real there.

"I saw Coach [Mike] Riley (Head coach) and Coach [Mike] Cavanaugh (Offensive line) in action — they are amazing people.  I really liked what I saw."

Anchrum is a versatile offensive lineman out of Powder Springs (Ga.) McEachern, and he could play anywhere along the offensive line.  The Huskers are targeting the 6-foot-3, 260 pound senior as a tackle.  

Nebraska has a need at his position with none committed there now and they only signed two in 2015, and this visit only helped their chances with one of the best in the Peach State.

"I just wanted to see if everything I was hearing about Nebraska was true.  I had heard about the coaches, the people there, and all that, so I wanted to see everyting for myself.  I can say that everything I heard was true.

"Everyone there is very genuine and I love that about Nebraska.  Coach Riley is always finding the positive in people, the positive in players, and he just keeps things positive.  I know coach Cavanaugh can coach up his players, I have seen the coaches in action, I have been around the team, and I know Nebraska has what I need."

Now, Anchrum has official visits set to Georgia (September 19) and Colorado (October 3), then a decision could come shortly after that.  

"I am thinking October 12 will be the day I commit right now, but that could be pushed back a little if I am not ready," said Anchrum.  "There is still a chance I take another official visit, but nothing ie set right now."

The No. 37-ranked offensive tackle on Scout is not worried about depth charts when he makes his decision.  When asked about that, Anchrum said, "I don't count numbers or worry about the depth chart because I feel if I do what I am supposed to do, then I will play."

He is looking for a strong program, a program who takes care of its players, a program that he sees himself excelling on and off the field at, and a program that has coaches and players that he wants to play for.

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