Nebraska looks to improve the running game

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley says the Huskers will look to improve the running game.

LINCOLN, Neb. - Two days after failing to see anyone eclipse 50-yards on the ground during their contest with BYU, Nebraska head coach Mike Riley said the Huskers' running game needs to improve. 

"We want to run the ball better with the tailback," said Riley. "We need to be that team that has more production in the running game with our tailback. We’re going to throw some stuff in there with the quarterback. We’re going to throw some stuff in there with the wide receiver, as you’ve seen a little bit with the reverse or a fly sweep. We’ll get our stuff there, but we need to be better running the ball with the running back."

The combination of Terrell NewbyImani Cross, and Mikale Wilbon managed just 98 yards on the ground, rushing 23 times. 

“When I say running back, I’m not putting that on just the runners," said Riley. "I don’t think we were very clean up front blocking for the tailback runs. We’ve got to pick out the best stuff for this game, and get some repeated runs in there so our tailbacks get used to it. It is a topic of discussion within our staff right now about the rotation of the backs. We like all those guys. I think they all bring something. We didn’t have a great flow with it, so that is part of the discussion, but when I’m talking about the running game, I’m not indicting our tailbacks. I think we’ve got good players there. The running game, when I talk about it, talks about all those guys that are blocking for the runner too.  We’ve just got to do a better job with that, and then have the right plays. It’s kind of a team thing that we have to do better, coming up.”

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