Nebraska wide receiver Lane Hovey has career day against South Alabama

Nebraska junior wide receiver Lane Hovey caught five passes for 68 yards, setting career highs in both categories against South Alabama on Saturday night.

On if it feels like everything has corrected itself in the first couple games after all of the trouble and injuries through camp

"Yeah, I really feel like everything is starting to come together. Receiver wise, we had different guys out at different times so I think it was hard for us and for the coaches to really figure out who was gonna be able to do what for the offense and I think that with most of the guys back now we’re starting to get it figured out and get it all meshing together well."


On if he knew this was an offense that would give a lot of different guys opportunities

"Yeah, I mean the coaches are really good at being able to isolate who they want in certain matchups, things like that. So I really think it helps us be able to target certain guys and just have a lot of options when we need them."


On if he knew going in to the game that he was going to get some looks

"You always hope that you will and through practice this week, we’d work on some stuff, and I think I knew just kind of, with their secondary being a little undersized, being a bigger guy that’s something we really wanted to exploit."


On his two important catches in the first drive and if that's something he can look at and see how he performed in a critical situation

"I guess I just always try and make the play when the ball is thrown my way, so no matter the situation I try and make sure that I make it happen and I was glad I was able to make it happen at critical moments tonight."


On if they felt a little pressure that they would have to step up and find something that work consistently with players out

"I think there is pressure on us, but we like it that way. We tell each other before every game, you know, that the receivers are the guys that gonna make this game or break this game and we just have to go out and make plays. And I think that we all as a group really enjoy having that put on our shoulders and like going out there and making plays."


On if he sensed a difference in what the defense was doing to him in the second half

"Yeah, I mean I think it was a little bit what we were trying to do on offense too as far as clock management but just matchups and stuff like that, they were trying to make sure I couldn’t get across the middle as easy wide open."


On if they were as worried about South Alabama as much as they were about BYU

"You’ve gotta take every opponent as a formidable matchup. I think just the difference in competitiveness between teams in college football, is just, the gap is growing smaller and smaller and so I just think that we have to have a mindset going in to a game, no matter who it is, that we just have to take care of business."


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