Tyson Broekemeier gets his first opportunity to be a starter at Nebraska

Nebraska fifth year senior Tyson Broekemeier was called upon on Saturday night and the Aurora native did everything he could to help the Huskers.

LINCOLN, Neb. - At some point quarterback Tyson Broekemeier could have probably left Nebraska and been a fine starting quarterback in a smaller division. Instead, the fifth senior stuck it out and Saturday night got his first big break - even if it wasn't the way he necessarily dreamed it up when he stepped on campus. 

Approached by the staff this past summer to be an emergency special teams player, Broekemeier was thrown into action last night as the Huskers' punter and holder with Sam Foltz sitting due to injury. Broekemeier doesn't have the leg of Foltz. He's not an average D-1 punter, but did enough for the Huskers' to get by on Saturday - three punts for a 34.3 yards average. 

"He basically just told me to go do what I have been doing," said Broekemeier when asked what Foltz told him. "I have put myself in situations a lot in practices, knowing there could be an opportunity 92,000 could be watching down the road." 

Broekemeier talked about the experience in the video above. 

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