Nebraska head coach Mike Riley recaps the game with South Alabama

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley recaps the South Alabama game after watching the tape this weekend.

Head coach Mike Riley's opening quote: 

"I thought Tommy had a very efficient night. I love how Tommy Armstrong plays the game. He’s a competitor. I also thought he was efficient in what he did. I thought Ryker (Fyfe) came in and did a nice job, kind of got fooled on his interception. We didn’t give up any sacks. We had 16 plays that we deem as explosive plays, running and passing. I thought our receiver distribution was good. You know we had a lot of guys catch balls. It was great to have Michael Rose-Ivey back. I thought he came in and played, looked like he was waiting for that time. He played with a lot of enthusiasm and made plays. It was good to have Jonathan Rose back. That will only strengthen us as we go forward. I thought a couple of guys… I thought the offensive line played well. I thought our tackles, Alex Lewis and Nick Gates played particularly well. Andy Janovich, you know when you talk about the running game everybody assumes (the) offensive line doing a nice job, but the tight ends and the fullback; Andy did a nice job, Sam Cotton did a nice job blocking. Freedom (Akinmoladun) went in there and played well, graded out as one of our best players. Nate Gerry makes a big play early in the game. I thought it was a great thing just to happen early to give us momentum. I think it’s good to note that Tyson Broekemeier went in and did a nice job punting. You know he hasn’t historically been a punter, so what he’s done for this team is good and we appreciate that. Chris Jones was probably our top special teams player for the week. He made plays and percentage of assignments was high. Our third-down efficiency was good offensively. The numbers were good. The bad part is we’re still not good on third and short. We’ve got to get better there. That should be our highest percentage and it might be our lowest. And our red zone efficiency was good. Defensively a lot of good playing football. (Joshua) Kalu played real well. Like I said, Nate Gerry played well, but we gave up too many big plays. Some of them were good plays by them (South Alabama); good timing, good location of the football. They have a couple of good receivers making plays, but that was probably… obviously that will be a focus going forward."

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