Nebraska head coach Mike Riley's opening statement when it comes to Miami week

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley's opening statement when it comes to Miami week.

The following is Mike Riley's opening quote concerning Miami week. 

"Injuries - We think Sam Foltz will be back. Dedrick Young should be back practicing today. Josh Banderas is not practicing, but we’re hopeful… shooting for midweek there that he could play. Trey Foster, he played in the game, played without much of a week of practice, but we anticipate him back in practice right away. Vincent Valentine will be back, maybe not today, but he should be back. Boaz Joseph should be back, but not today. And then Jack Gangwish will be out still and so will De’Mornay (Pierson-El) for a bit. So that’s my leadoff.

I understand the great history of this (Miami) game and some of the historical ramifications of the game against Miami being played for national championships. That’s pretty good stuff, and it’s led to a nice, current day rivalry. I know our players… I did not realize how they felt except through time, hearing them talk. I think… unfortunately it won’t happen, but I think the first thing De’Mornay said to me when he got hurt is, 'I really want to play in that Miami game.' So I’ve been getting a feel for what this means to this team and program. They look like a good football team, obviously with the speed they have. The running backs are featured players. The quarterback had a big day passing last year against Nebraska. We kind of know what we’re heading into there. They play a 3-4 defense. A lot of free safety defense. Man-to-man defense. Zone-blitz defense. And just plain old cover three that they do well with a lot of different stunts and blitzes. They come out of the 3-4 or they get into the four-man front and provide some of that same stuff coverage-wise. They obviously have a good returner and a lot of speed on those special teams still, so it’s going to be a very, very competitive game. It’s going to be a good team. We’re going to have to have a good week of practice."

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