The junior running back talks about his career day and the Miami game

Nebraska running back Terrell Newby talked about his career performance and previews the Huskers' matchup with the Hurricanes.

Terrell Newby
Junior, I-back
On being Big Ten Co-Offensive Player of the Week
“It means a lot. I feel like I played great [Saturday]. We were just clicking on all cylinders. So with things like that happening, a lot of things open up.”

On playing against high school teammate Brad Kaaya this weekend at Miami
“We’ve been real close since [we were] six-years-old. We played with each other. He’s a little younger than me, but I’ve known him since then, so I’ve definitely been shooting him some texts this week.”

On both Newby and Kaaya leaving California to go play football
“I was shocked at first that he committed to Miami. I thought he was probably going to stay local, but obviously he saw something in the program and he’s been doing a great job over there.”

On Kaaya’s success at Miami
“I’ve known he was a great quarterback since high school. What he did as a freshman was great, but now it’s good to finally compete against him.”

On how Newby felt on Sunday after the game
“Sunday I was kind of sore, but I’m feeling good now, just getting in the training room and getting treatment. Those guys have me feeling a lot better.”

On how Newby felt about his performance and the offense’s performance during Saturday’s game
“[It was] pretty good. The offense was clicking. Like I said, once we’re going, we’re rolling. So we don’t want to look back or turn back at all. I feel like once we get on top of guys, we want to keep going.”

On what changed from the first week to the second week
“First off, I was seeing things better. You know, just seeing holes a lot faster. The offensive line had a great push up front, so that’s where it started out. Once I’m able to see things better and get a feel for things, things start clicking pretty good. I had to stay patient to see things better, so I know to work on that. That was one of the things I wanted to work on.”

On Reggie Davis challenging the running backs to be sharper going into week two
“Just being sharper on all technical things is what he emphasized throughout the week. That was in vision, pass blocking and in all our assignments.”

On being a pass receiver
“I like it a lot. I feel like I can be implemented into the passing offense if needed. It’s always good to be another factor in the game.”

On playing the whole game on Saturday
“It feels good when you’re out there. You really get a feel for the game and you know what’s going on, and you can know their tendencies and see things a lot better.”

On challenges of going to play on the road
“I still want to take the same approach, that’s for everybody on offense. We’re going to take the same approach. Come out early, pretty much do exactly what we did this week. We’ll want to be clicking on all cylinders again.”

On last year’s game against Miami and on having self-control during the game
“It’s a challenge [to not talk] every game because guys on both sides of the ball are going to be talking and this game is a big game, and we can’t really get into all the hype. We just need to go out and play football like he [Mike Riley] says.”

On looking forward to the challenge of playing Miami
“Like I said, it’s a big game. Me personally playing against Brad – it’s a good experience, since I’ve known him since we were so young. But you know, it’s another football game, another opponent and we have to take it like we did last week.”

On Ameer Abdullah’s performance during last year’s Miami game
“I know we really hit on just being physical as an offense. Obviously he brought a lot of physicality to that game, something that I really want to do this week also.”

On enjoying and reflecting on Saturday’s game
“I [got] a lot of sleep after the game. That’s really all. I know next week is going to be a workload, so I just need to get prepared for that.”

On talking with Ameer Abdullah after Saturday’s game
“We talked a little bit after the game. He was just telling me to keep it up. You know getting myself recovered for next week.”

On Ameer Abdullah’s performance on Sunday
“He’s just a beast man. On the first carry, he scores. That’s just him.”

On learning from Ameer Abdullah
“I definitely learned a lot of things from him. Like I said, being physical and you know coming out every single day and working hard. There’s a lot of off the field things I’ve learned from him and on the field things.”

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