Nebraska cornerback Jonathan Rose returned to the field on Saturday

Nebraska cornerback Jonathan Rose returned to the field on Saturday. He talked about it in the Huskers' press conference.

Jonathan Rose
Senior, Cornerback
On how it felt to get back on the field
“It felt good. It’s been a long process, ins and outs, ups and downs. I feel like I’ve hit that even playing field. I feel confident in my game, confident in everything with my coaches so now I feel I need to grow and have the best year I can have.”

On thoughts watching the BYU Hail Mary
“It’s one of those 50/50 plays. You practice for it and try your best to cover the best you can but it still one of those plays you don’t know what will happen. We’ve won on it before and were just on the bad end of it this time. It’s just a preparation and who wants it more type of thing. I’m not saying we didn’t want it as bad as he did, but it’s one of those things. When it comes down to the last second and all you can do is hope, you just hope one of your guys gets it.”

On waiting another week to see the field
“It’s kind of hard. You know this is your last trip. You don’t want to take any game for granted. That’s how I feel right now. It’s sad to say, but I’m counting my games. I’m trying to take advantage of every game, every opportunity I get on the field, I try to show my talent and my team's talent, so I can go out without a bad senior year feeling. This is what I’m going to be remembered for. Hopefully in our process of turning around I can take advantage of the rest of my games.”

On how he prepares after watching from the sideline
“Just prepping your guys to be ready because we’ve been together since spring, then fall camp together, then the rotation just changes so you just make sure the guy in front of you is prepared to take on that job.”

On if he knew he had a starting position after he came back
“No. I figured I had to work my way back up. I took that opportunity to do what I could and just showcase myself.”

On his performance at practice last week
“I felt like I had a good week of practice. I felt I still had a lot to clean before Saturday. Once game time comes, those small things you made at practice don’t even affect you anymore. I felt like I could’ve had a cleaner practice during the week.”

On how to prepare for long passes
“We have to assert ourselves more. We have to be more physical so teams don’t feel like they have the opportunity to take that shot. This week at practice, I felt like the big emphasis for us is going to be deep ball coverage then just mentally and physically getting ourselves. We have to learn how to assert ourselves early so teams later in the game don’t want to take those deep ball shots.”

On Miami Quarterback Brad Kaaya last year
“I felt like he was pretty good. He handles pressure well. Last year I feel like we came out early with shots. Even if we get up early, he’s not going to quit. We have to be persistent.”

On difficulty of holding composure in a game like Miami
“In the heat of the battle, that’s one of those key factors that will win or lose you the game. If you let the opponent have the upper hand, you feel like you’re always being tardy then your play goes down a couple levels so that’s one of the things we’re going to work on this week.”

On what he remembers from the Miami game last year
“I remember it was really physical, very verbal. They kind of made it a personal game. You may not have known them personally but they will take shots at you verbally and physically as you’re in the game of play. It’s going to be one of those physical and verbal games where you just have to keep your head up and not get overwhelmed with what’s going on.”

On difference between this year and last year
“It’s very different. This year, the country knows our D-Line is one of the best in the country, so you have to have to find a weakness. I feel like our linebackers are sound, so now you go to the secondary who’s kind of struggled for two weeks. Now you have to either turn that around or people are going to do it for 10 or 11 more games. We have a responsibility in our hands and that makes us go into practice more sound and more focused in on what we have to do.”

On what the key to succeeding on the road is
“Preparation. Once you leave from this city, you can’t really study up like you would. We feel better in our environment so you get things easy. Once you go on the road, you’re in a whole different environment. You don’t have as much of a supporting cast so now you have find it within to battle through it. It’s going to be a crowd that the majority is not with us. You have to tone them. Now just make sure you prepare early enough in the week for things like that so you won’t have to worry about your strategy while you’re out there.”

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