Nebraska-Southern Miss week: Jordan Westerkamp

Nebraska wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp talked with reporters on Monday.


On team feelings
“That game was a pretty tough loss, but we’re trying to stay positive with it. It’s a new week. You have to have a 24-hour rule. It’s done now. The game is over. We just have to forget about it and move on to Southern Miss.”

On what Nebraska did best on Saturday
“I think it was great to show that resilient attitude. Being able to come back on the road against Miami, I thought that was great. We have a lot to clean up and a lot to correct, so we’re really going to watch this film hard and get better.”

On ball security
“Ball security is huge. It’s a big part of the game. We have to hold onto the ball. I think I had a drop in the first drive, diving for one and I missed it. I got a hand on it but that’s a drop. We have to make plays. Wideouts, that’s our job, we have to catch the ball. Make the play and hold onto it. We’ll continue to work on that. That’s something we work on every day and we’ll get it right.”

On reaction after watching the film of the first half
“I think we just started slow. Not a whole lot of energy starting out. We were pretty hyped pregame. It could’ve been the weather, I don’t know. It started slow but as the game progressed, we started getting some drives together and started to do some stuff. If we could’ve just played like we did in the second half the first half, it would’ve been a completely different game. It is what it is. Miami played great. We just have to move on and get ready for the next one.”

On penalty adjustments
“Right now it seems to be one of our biggest problems. That happens maybe with guys in their first time being out there. Younger guys. It’s a pretty big situation. You got the ‘U’ and you’re playing under the lights. Maybe some guys just got nervous in the moment. That’ll come with experience. Over time, it gets better. It’s definitely something that we’ve been addressing and it’s something we need to continue to address.”

On freshman wide receiver Stanley Morgan Jr.’s performance
“We know how good he is. He’s just going to continue to get better. We’re excited for that. He’s an exciting player to watch. He makes plays, and we need him out there.”

On the 11 a.m. kickoff this week
“It’ll be our first early morning game. We’ll be ready. We just have to continue to prepare and not really worry about when the game is, just be there and be ready to go. We’ll continue to keep working this week.”

On Southern Miss
“We’ve played them in the past. They’re a great team. Great program. We’ll have to sit down and watch some of the film today on them. Refresh the memory. They’ll be ready to go like they always are. We just have to game plan them and get ready.”

On returning kicks
“It was great finally getting the opportunity to return the first couple games. I had a couple fair catches, and I don’t really like to do that. It was great to get some returns in there.”

On talking with Tommy Armstrong Jr. after that game
“He was pretty upset. In the locker room, we just told him don’t worry about it. Everybody has made mistakes this game. The receivers made mistakes. Everybody made mistakes. He’s such a competitor that he takes it so personal losing. We patted him on the back. We kept him up just like he kept us up throughout the whole game. He’s a great competitor, and we’re just glad he’s on our team.”

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