Nebraska is struggling to slow down passing attacks through three games.

Nebraska is struggling to slow down passing attacks through three games.

After seeing another quarterback put up 300+ yards on them over the weekend, Nebraska is now No. 126 in the country in passing defense. 

“There is no doubt about it that we are giving up too many big plays," said Nebraska head coach Mike Riley. "Every coverage that you run has strengths and weaknesses. Of course, one of the things you start with is where you have to take care of first.  Where are your vulnerable points? If you’re playing a three deep, you know you’re going to get help on the post, but you’re not going to get any help here, so here on the fade or the streak is the dangerous route here. So, that’s got to be your first priority and if you’re pressing, you’re playing man-to-man, you want to be able to first transition and be in a position to play that ball. Now that is way easier said than done sometimes. When you’re playing quarters coverage, you’ve got some help underneath, but you’ve got to take care of both. You don’t always have post help or streak help, and then your underneath and inside underneath help will be good. So you’ve got to play to your strengths, always take care of those things and we’re not doing a great job of that. We’re losing those one-on-one battles out here mostly; that’s where they‘re happening. So we’ve got to continue to coach, help the players, technically and then they’ve got to be aware and sound, but we’re giving up too many big plays and that is flipping the field if nothing else and giving them scoring opportunities.”

Things won't likely get any easier against Southern Miss this weekend. The Golden Eagles are averaging over 300 yards a contest, good for No. 27 in the country. Against a solid Mississippi State squad, quarterback Nick Mullens was 30-for-44, racking up 311 yards through the air. 


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