60-seconds: Nebraska WR Stanley Morgan is growing up in-game

Nebraska true freshman receiver Stanley Morgan is growing up in-game and in the process making an impact for the Huskers.

Nebraska receiver Stanley Morgan is just a true freshman. There will be growing pains.

Growing pains similar to the last offensive play of the first half for Nebraska. Morgan 1-on-1 with a corner at the goal line.

An interception.

“Some fundamental things about his released put him in a bad position to make a play on the ball,” said Nebraska receiver Keith Williams.  “He and I talked about that being an emphasis on that specific play, so I was disappointed in him.”

Tough love. 

Morgan can handle it. 

“I have know Stan since high school.  Just in terms of his personality. As a young man in high school, you could see he was mentally tough – self driven,” said Williams. “I knew he could take coaching.”

Morgan responded.


Morgan made a play on the ball - to no surprise of Williams. 

Listen to the coach talk about Morgan in the video above. 

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