QB Tommy Armstrong now No. 5 all-time in career TD passes at Nebraska

Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong moved into the top five in two major Nebraska career passing lists on Saturday.

With a six-yard touchdown pass to Jordan Westerkamp early in the first quarter, Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong tied former Husker singal-caller Dave Humm for No. 5 all-time on the Nebraska career passing touchdowns list. 

It took until late in the third quarter, when Armstrong found Taariq Allen on the flat, who danced and wiggled his way into the end zone from ten yards out for Armstrong to take sole possession on the list. 

During the game, Armstrong also moved into the top five in career passing yards at Nebraska, passing former National Champion Jerry Tagge on the school's list. 

Press Conference Transcripts:

On the offense
"I feel like we could've scored a lot of points first half. I feel like we stopped ourselves here and there, and we couldn't capitalize, execute in the red zone in the first half. But, we found the end zone a few times in the second half, came out for six, put it up. But, overall I think we could've put a lot more points on the board. Offensive-wise, we did a great job but we could've done better. We can't really deny the fact that we had so many yards, but we could've had that many points as well, and we put our defense in certain situations they shouldn't have been. We've got to take care of that."

On fullback Andy Janovich
"I thought he did a great job. You know, installing certain plays just for him, it was kind of exciting just because he's a physical guy, he shows out on special teams, and just going out there and seeing one or two guys trying to tackle him and he comes off of a five to six-yard gain and turns it into a 35-40 yard gain. It's incredible because you've got to show your fullbacks some love every once in a while just because they go out there and dive in the trenches and try to cut blocks and cut guys down on defensive ends and the linebackers, so you've just got to give credit where it's due, and he did a great job today."

On the crowd sounding different when Janovich had the ball
"A little bit, just because, you know, you'd rather see the fullback get a few touches here and there, maybe in a goal-line situation. But you know, but in open field, breaking off in certain pass plays for 60-70 yards, he did a great job."

On his throw to Brandon Reilly on Nebraska's final drive
"Honestly, it's kind of similar to last game. Just got flushed out a little bit, and I even told my guys, you know, it's third-and-long, if we have to do a scramble drill to do it. I kind of rolled out and I knew we had a post back side, and we had an in from the right side, so I knew I wasn't going to have a lot of guys, but I was hoping Brandon could do the scramble drill like we were supposed to, and if I rolled out to run, he'd maybe cut back. And that's what he ended up doing, just cutting back and that safety, which came down on the end, ran and saw that, so I kind of tried to hurry and get the ball to him. And I got hit on the play, but you know I got the ball luckily to him."

On drives ending in field goals
"it was just lack of execution you know. We had ourselves in right situations. Sometimes I made bad reads, should've thrown it to certain guys, and you know, just being able to be smart on certain plays, not get flagged for anything. We've just got to make plays, and we've got to put ourselves in the right situation. That first half, you know, we kind of killed ourselves and it was just myself making bad reads and not putting the ball in the money for those."

On Nebraska's readiness for Big Ten play
We're ready. You've just got to stay healthy and make sure that we study film like any other week and just know that it's gonna be a tough road. We've got an away game as our first conference game going to Illinois. It's going to be tough. But you know they're doing great. We're doing great, and we've just got to make sure we out-physicial them, make sure we know them better than they know themselves defensive-wise. We've just got to put points on the board. We can't go and settle for three points when we're on the five or six-yard line, or maybe on the 10 or 15, or on third. We've just got to make sure that we settle for touchdowns, not field goals."

On what it takes to win a Big Ten division
"We've got to be physical. We've got to make plays. Like I said before, we've got to stay consistent. We've got to play first half like we play second half, and we've just got to make sure we play every single minute of the game. It's going to be a physical test for us in general. Just to make sure that we are on part of our game and be able to go out there and put our defense in separate situations. Like I told our offensive line, and my offensive guys, our main objective is scoring every time we get the ball, and when we do that, it gives our defense a little relief."

On Big Ten teams being less prone to beating themselves
"It's going to be tough. There are going to be games where it comes down to the last minute or two, or you know the last team to be on offense. Like I said, we score every time we get the ball, and we take advantage of our situations, and our defense gets good looks and they get turnovers, we have a good turnover margin. We're a team to reckon with. We've just got to make sure we're as smart as we can be going into this conference play, and we've got to make sure that our guys are ready."

On the running game
"We're doing great. Like I said, we’ve just got a certain package of runs that we have to install each and every week depending on what type of defense we get, but you know overall I think we're doing a great job. I think the offensive line did a great job of creating holes for our running back. We've just got to run physical and make sure that we take what the defense gives us. Sometimes you're going to get hit. Sometimes you may miss a block, but we've got to make sure we stay physical and earn every yard we get."

On hurdling a defender on a first-half run
"We were already talking about Taariq (Allen) and those guys, you know inside runs we've got to go there and crack them, and he always just puts his head down, so I knew he was going to come up with his head down by talking to those guys, and I tried to just leap over him a little bit and see if I could stay inbounds, but unfortunately I didn't."

On what the receivers said after that run
"Stanley (Morgan Jr.) said I've got to stop hurdling, but other than that everybody was just like, 'Hey, good job.' But Stanley was just like, 'hey you've got to stop hurdling bro," and I'm like, 'all right.' So, if they're about to put their head down that's what I'm going to do."

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