Nebraska kicker Drew Brown has a NCAA record type of day

Nebraska kicker Drew Brown tied a NCAA record for most field goals in a half against Southern Miss with five.

On expecting it to be a big day 
"I really wasn't actually, buy hey you've got to be ready for it when it does happen. There's games where you're going to kick a lot and there's games where you're not going to kick a lot and you've just got to be ready for whatever opportunity comes in front of you."

On his 50-yarder to end the half 
"It felt good to put that through the uprights. It was also really big for the team to go into halftime with a larger lead then it would have been if it wouldn't have gone in. It's my job to get out there and produce whenever my name's called, and I was able to do that today."

On "icing the kicker"
"In my mind, whenever they called the timeout I was still able to kick the ball and that actually helps more because you can kind of get that feeling of the ball off your foot. Most teams will call the timeout before the ball snap, but it just happened that we got the ball snapped up, and I was able to kick it. So, you've just got to be ready for it."

On the last kick
"I think it was just tipped at the line of scrimmage. I hit the ball well. I'll have to go back and watch and see if my operation time was slow or something like that, but the ball was just tipped at the line of scrimmage."

On the wind factor today
"Not as much as it normally is. Today was a beautiful day to play, to kick, to do anything. Towards the end of the game the wind started to pick up a little bit more, but for the most part it wasn't really a factor at all."

On tying an NCAA record for field goals in a half
"It is kind of cool. It's something that I can reflect on whenever I'm done playing and say, 'You know I had a really good game that day' and I could've put more points on the board and it didn't work out, but yeah it's something cool that I can reflect on in the future whenever I'm done playing."

On a kicker's rollercoaster and his streak
"All players go through rollercoasters for the most part. I mean, I had a really bad start and it cost the team the game. I've had some good past couple games, and I wasn't perfect today like I wanted to be, but I definitely had a pretty good day. It's something I can build off of, something I can look back on the makes and say 'this is what I did good' and look at the misses and say 'this is what I did bad'. It's definitely good to have days like this, so you can reflect both ways."

On building confidence 
"It's grown a lot, mostly through practice, definitely kicking the ball well in practice and getting more trust with Jordan (Westerkamp) and Sam (Foltz). I already had trust with them, but just building more and more and more every single week. The confidence level is a lot higher than it was and it's definitely a good thing, but I can't get too high or too low, I've just got to say even."

On switching holders
"Tyson (Broekemeier) did an unbelievable job, and he had to step in to punt and to hold, too. It's things like that that go unnoticed by a lot of people and I appreciate it a ton and his teammates, our teammates, appreciate it even more. He did an unbelievable job when his name was called and there's a reason he's here and it's for things like that especially."

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