Nebraska LB Chris Weber fills in for Josh Banderas

Nebraska linebacker Chris Weber got the start on Saturday in place of the injured Josh Banderas.

On how he knew that he had to take on a bigger role because of injuries
"With Bando (Josh Banderas) being down, they told me I'd be the next man up on Friday, so I knew going into it, which helps knowing you're going to be the guy and not having to see if he goes down or something like that. That helps to know that you're just going to be down."

On how he got hurt
"I rolled my ankle a little bit, I'll be good."

On how much the South Alabama game helped him today
"It helped a lot, to not have to be the first time you're out there running everything, it'll help to have a game under your belt. I'm thankful to, once we get into Big Ten play, if Bando goes down then I'll have a couple games under my belt."

On the difference of the defense between the first and second half
"They got a couple things going, they had some deep passes. We stopped the run pretty well in the second half and first half, but they got a couple things going. We bowed up a couple times too in the red zone, but they got some passes going."

On who takes control between Dedrick Young, Marcus Newby and him without a veteran
"I'm making the calls, but we're all talking and communicating."

On how it feels to be able to contribute after Coach Banker didn't know much about him coming in
"It feels really good. That was kind of my thing when I came here, I didn't want to sit on the sidelines. I wanted to contribute the best I could and be a team player and that means stepping up when your number is called."

On if he's heard from former linebacker Trevor Roach recently and what has he told him
"Yeah, I texted him to see how he's doing and he texted me, and he texted me after the game. He told me good game."

On if there was a defensive meeting before they went out on the last series and what was said
"They missed the field goal, so we just were in a dime package then, and just to keep everything in front of you, no big plays."

On how composed the team was on the final drive
"We were composed, I'd say. We'd been in that situation before so we knew our alignments and we'd gone over that a couple times."

On if the backup linebackers felt like something had to be done after all the injuries
"Coach Bray told me in fall camp that he thought that I'd help out this year on defense and we knew that. Especially playing linebacker, after one play your guy can go down and your number's called, so you've got to be ready to go."

On how tough it is to tackle fullback Andy Janovich
"It's tough."

On why it's tough to tackle Janovich
"I tried to in high school, I tried to tackle him, and he played tailback then, so he's a load. He runs hard and we didn't really see him carry the ball much in fall camp, so we didn't have to tackle him, but he's a good player for sure."


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