Nebraska-USM post: Freedom Akinmoladun

Nebraska defensive end Freedom Akinmoladun has career sack No. 3 and No. 4 on Saturday against Southern Miss, including on the last play of the game.

On his sack on the final play of the game
"I was on (junior defensive tackle) Maliek's (Collins) side. That definitely helped me. The offensive line paid a lot of attention to him, and when I got off the ball, I saw the opportunity that I had, and I made the sack."

On how much he has developed with an increase in playing time
"I've developed a lot. I know I can keep developing. I'm trying to be a better defensive end for Nebraska"

On if he felt like he had to make a big play on the final play of the game
"Yeah, when (Southern Miss) had that big pass, I was like, 'We need a play.' I didn't know what the time was, but I was like, 'We need a play, somebody needs to step up,' and I was given the opportunity to step up."

On the move he made to get in position to make a sack on the final play of the game
"I think I just got off the ball, and the tackle was so focused on Maliek Collins, and I took advantage of the opportunity."

On whether being on the field so much in the first half contributed to second-half struggles
"We were on the field a lot, and there were some problems, but we know that we could've fixed it. We know we're going to fix it later on in the year. It's one of those things we're going to look at and fix."

On the differences between the first and second halves defensively
"(Southern Miss) had a few big plays, but that's about it. They weren't able to run, our defensive line was able to keep pressuring. It was just the big plays that killed us."

On whether he was fatigued on the final play of the game
"Yeah, I was tired. I was really tired, and I looked over to Maliek and he was like, 'Alright, we've got to keep going,' and I said 'OK.' He knew that I needed to step up and he knew that he needed to step up. I was definitely tired."

On if he had experienced that type of fatigue before
"I think I have. Definitely during conditioning."

On the mood in the locker room following the game 
"That was the team getting together, saying 'OK, we sealed the deal,' We came together as a team, and we finished what we were supposed to do. And it was a good feeling."

On if there were "Hip Hip Hoorays"
"Oh, yeah (laughs)"

On how pleased he was with the run defense
"Our defensive line prides ourselves on stopping the run. We come into games saying 'They will not run the ball.' That was definitely a plus on our part, and we got to the quarterback too, so that's another plus. I think all-around, the defensive line had a good game."

On his confidence in evaluating and analyzing his performance
"Tomorrow, I'm probably going to the film room and watch film with Maliek. We'll go down the list, seeing what we did right and wrong. It helps a lot."

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