Nebraska WR Taariq Allen sees hard work pay off

Nebraska senior wide receiver Taariq Allen is seeing his hard work pay off - finding the end zone last week against Southern Miss.

LINCOLN, Neb. – Nebraska receiver Taariq Allen has had his ups and downs in Lincoln.

In 2012, the promising redshirt freshman wide received played in eight games before a knee injury on kickoff coverage put him out for the rest of the year.

It was a hard road back. Just because a player is cleared to play, it doesn’t mean they were the same guy before the injury.

He admits, there was a time he considered hanging it up.

“The only time I ever felt like that was when I first initially got my injury,” said Allen. “It was really bad, especially after I saw my scar. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to play or not. I got back in the training room and started seeing improvements and the next thing you know, I was running. Next thing you know, I was cutting. Next thing you know, I was catching balls again.”

Allen played in 13 contests last year, but only had eight catches for 73 yards. Through four games this season, the senior is already halfway to his numbers in 2014.

Against Southern Miss last weekend, Allen found the end zone, the play can be seen below.

“I saw the guy coming,” said Allen. “I put the brakes on, then when I looked up, it was closer than I thought so I said I might as well get in the end zone now just to get this any way possible.”

During fall camp, Allen was a player often mentioned as someone working hard. It’s paying off. 

“Just being consistent in practice. Trying to show the coaches I can do it then just going out there in the game and executing,” said Allen. “Besides the injury, it doesn’t really affect me anymore. It’s in the past and I just have to keep working and just keep improving.

“I just feel like as a whole group, we try to push each other. Coach Dub (Keith Williams), he’s a good coach. He brings the best out of everybody. We always say ‘Live at five’ in every game. We just try to do the best that we can. Make sure we don’t drop the ball. We can’t control everything, but we just try to be the best that we can and help each other.”

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