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Transcripts: Danny Langsdorf post Illinois lost

Nebraska offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf talked with reporters after the game the Huskers' loss to Illinois on Saturday.

Is it safe to say he (QB Tommy Armstrong) knows he’s supposed to keep that?

“That’s the call.”


What is the confidence level by you right now in the running game?

“It’s pretty good. Like I said earlier, it’s hard to convert third and six, third and seven runs all the time. I think you can get them occasionally. Success on those early downs can get us in those third and two, third and three situations where we feel pretty good about running it.  But we really had some things going in the passing game, we thought we had some open plays we didn’t connect on. I like where we are with the run. We had good production there. We ran hard and stuck with it.”


Ultimately, who is that third down call on? 

"It's on me. But when it's a designed run...." 


How do you make that a teachable moment? 

"We have to learn from it. Knowing the situation and why we are doing it, why we are calling it that way. We could practice it more. For us to not burn some clock there, it was critical in the game. We wanted to and we should have. We have to keep practicing those situations more and make sure everyone is on the same page."


What have you seen up front on the offensive line?

“I think some really good stuff. At times we get really inconsistent, whether it’s run or protection. There are occasional breakdowns in some 1-on-1 matchups. Overall good. There are some situations where we could probably help a little more, with a shift of a back or tight end in some of those pass protection situations. But overall it’s a solid group.”


What type of progress do you hope to look forward to from here?

“Just make plays. This game especially improving the passing area - that was pretty evident. When we have a good running attack and are able to fake the run and complete throws – then we have a good thing going.  We have had some good balance there in the past. Today, we had good run production, but not good enough in the passing game.”

* Q&A written out by Big Red Report's Josh Harvey

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