Post-Game Video: Huskers defensive lineman Jack Gangwish

Nebraska senior defensive lineman Jack Gangwish meets with the media after the Huskers 14-13 loss to Illinois in Champaign. Gangwish was limited after dislocating his elbow in week one against BYU.

Check out post-game video with Huskers defensive lineman Jack Gangwish who was one of the few Nebraska players to meet with the media after Saturday's loss to Illinois. 

On how the defense played as a whole: 

"Any time you can shut a team out for three quarters, obviously that's a positive. We did hold them to 14 points, again that's a positive. I think we great as far as our pass pressure is concerned. The goal is for the opponent to score zero points so that's our attitude right now." 

On his involvement in today's game after his elbow injury:

"I'm still in the recovery process for my injury so I was somewhat limited. The idea was to give me some important snaps but for me not to take all the snaps. Pretty much the whole game I was fighting to get out there." 

On Illinois' performance this season compared to last season

"Those boys are a good opponent. They went out there, they executed well and the played a hell of a game." 

*** Transcripts by Big Red Report's Josh Harvey ***

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