Nebraska-Wisconsin post: Tommy Armstrong

Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong took the podium after the Huskers 23-21 loss to Wisconsin on Saturday night.

On the struggles in the passing game

"Some of it was on me not getting the ball there. We knew that they were going to be physical, that they were going to try to get a hand on our receivers in certain situations. We just had to make sure that we made a play on the ball, and we were able to out-physical them when it came to running certain routes. Sometimes it didn't go our way. We've just got to accept it and drive on, and I think that's what we tried to do all game."


On not scoring with the wind at Nebraska's back in the third quarter

"At a certain time, the wind kind of died down after the first half, by the direction that the wind was coming from. It was coming from the west side of the stadium and it was kind of getting blocked off, it wasn't really a factor. In certain situations, we knew we had one-on-one (coverage) with our receivers. (Wisconsin) did a great job against the scramble here and there. They made plays, we made plays. Our receivers went up and got the ball at certain times. We just didn't play a whole game like we wanted to, and it cost us the game."


On whether Wisconsin did anything differently to affect the passing game

"No. We were in control of the game ourselves, we just had to make sure we executed. We made plays, but we got flags here and there that cost us some of those plays. We put ourselves in that situation to lose the game, offensive-wise, by not capitalizing when we needed to, not getting first downs when we needed to, not being smart on certain situations. We can't have costly flags in certain situations. I think that's what got us, offensive-wise, we couldn't really find a rhythm in the first half. We saw it, we glanced at certain things happening here and there, but overall we were kind of up-and-down as an offense."


On fullback Andy Janovich's touchdown run

"It was great. We've seen it since we gave him the ball the first time. Once he makes one guy miss, he has the speed to outrun guys. That was a great run by him, it put ourselves in the right situation.  It was a great call by our coaches to try to get the ball in his hands, after getting a first down, those guys tried to stack the box knowing we had some push up front. Andy made one guy miss and then he was one-on-one with the safety and made that guy miss also and went down and scored. It was a great run."


On wide receiver Alonzo Moore's development

"He's been making plays since he's been here. It's just a confidence level with him. I told him, 'If you get a one-on-one situation, just look for the ball, just go up and get it.' I feel like nobody can cover our receivers one-on-one. They kind of proved it out there in certain situations, they either got a (pass interference) call or they came down with the ball. That's the way I look at it, I don't think anybody in our conference can stop those guys one-on-one. They made plays. In certain situations they just had to make sure that they were able to get open, and I think they did that."


On whether the players have been encouraging the coaching staff through the 2-4 start

"We're a team for a reason. We're a family. We've got to all stick in this together. We've said from day one, seasons are unexpected. You've got to expect the unexpected. We really didn't think that we would have a season like this. It's heartbreaking to look at it this way, but we've just got to stick together and drive on to next week. We're going to try to progress and improve."


On how he feels the team will respond next week

"Like any other week. That's football. There's not anything you can say, you just drive on. You can't dwell on the past, you can't sit up here and pout about what was happening last week, because we've got another opponent that's preparing for us.  All we can do is play another game and practice like we would practice any other week, and just have the same attitude that we've had every week, and that's try and get a win."


On the similar situations the offense was faced with at the end of the last two games

"We just wanted to get a first down. We trusted our coaches. Whatever they called, we wanted to get a first down and we were unable to do it, and we put our defense in a situation that we shouldn't have. We had to be physical, we had to understand that they were going to try to burn down their three timeouts with 1:20 left, and we just had to be physical, block who we had up front and run hard and earn every yard, and we couldn't do that."


On Head Coach Mike Riley maintaining his positive attitude

"He's always told us that he likes the team that we have. We're young, we have younger guys. We have guys that are injured. We're coming up short defensive-wise, with injuries and guys going down, things like that. We've got guys that are stepping up. We've got to realize that it's a long season ahead of us. Offensive-wise, we've got to understand that we've got to take control of the game, score every time we get the ball, and put our defense in the right situation to win games. Our defense is playing great. Coach Riley even said that we've just got to make sure we do what we can to win games and put ourselves in the right situation."

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