Isaiah Roby checks out Nebraska on his only official visit

Tim Miles and Nebraska hosted Top 100 commit Isaiah Roby over the weekend.

When Jeriah Horne committed, he said he really felt you guys complimented each other well on the floor. When you guys played this weekend together, did you feel that?

“It was awesome. Jeraiah and I got to play a little at the practice facility. It was a lot of fun. We are both competitive. We played 1-on1. We didn’t get to play with the guys for open gym because they had practice. But, our games really compliment each other.”


Who won that game?

“We were playing best two out of three. We were going to go to volleyball game. I won the first one. He won the second. I won the third. But, he didn’t want to end on a loss. So we played best out of five. I ended up winning the last game to win it. He didn’t want it to end. When were playing, it was really competitive. He was getting mad. I was getting mad. It was all fun.”


This was your official visit…I’m assuming you are done? You aren’t looking around?

“Yeah, I’m done. It’s my only official.”


I know you have been to Nebraska football games before, but talk about the atmosphere. It’s a different sport, but a Nebraska atmosphere is pretty crazy when it comes to the fans.

“It was great. We were getting to leave in the fourth quarter right after Nebraska scored and they put on an old hip-hop song. The play got crazy loud. Being there, the crowd was it in the whole game. It was awesome.”

You are a couple states over, which makes travel to Nebraska tough. Do you think you will make it back for any games this next season?

“I want to, but I don’t know how many if any. I will be busy with my season. I’m hoping that I can maybe check them out when they play Illinois or Northwestern. That will be my best bet to see them.”  


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