Nebraska DT Maliek Collins on rumors surrounding Coach Kaz

Junior defensive tackle Maliek Collins rumors swirling about his former position coach are just distractions and nothing more.

Former Nebraska defensive line coach Rick Kaczenki admitted to the Omaha World Herald on Sunday night that he has in fact contacted some of his ex-players this season, but said it was nothing but positive messages. Rumors of Kaczenki sending negative messages has been a hot topic on message boards and social media the last week.  

Junior defensive tackle Maliek Collins, who was recruited by Kaczenki, backed up the claim on Monday when asked about it after the Huskers’ walk-thru practice session. 

"Just for the record, he wouldn't say anything like that. I'm a captain, I represent this whole team, if he were saying those types of things, he'd be saying them to me and that ain't what I represent,” said Collins. “Just for the record: He hasn't said anything like that. 

“It's just something else to distract us, man. We are trying to stay on a straight and narrow road and trying to go out and win some games.”

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