Nebraska-Northwestern week: Tommy Armstrong

Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong talked Northwestern after a convincing win over Minnesota.

On memories of playing Northwestern
"They’re a really solid defense. They play together, and everyone is doing their jobs. We know that they’re going to give us a fight, and we've just got to take advantage of our opportunities each and every week. Other than that, the last couple years we’ve played them. The first year, I struggled a little bit. The second year I struggled the first half, second half came out and knew what I had to fix, fixed it, and we got a win, so we've just got to have a consistent football game. You know, offensive-wise, we’ve got to be sound, make sure that we take care of the ball. We've just got to have guys making plays each and every time like we did this past weekend."

On committing fewer turnovers
"Honestly, it just starts off with me making smarter decisions. Knowing when not to force the ball, knowing when I have a second choice, second option in the passing game. Just not throwing it to my number one guy on each route and knowing when I can just dump the ball to my running back at certain times and just being able to get in the rhythm and get those receivers in the rhythm and get the running back game in the rhythm. I think that’s what it’s all about, just getting in the rhythm. Once we get in the rhythm, that’s when you find yourself taking care of the football when you start, you know, not finding that rhythm, and not being able to get in the groove, that’s when you start forcing balls and trying to make things happen yourself, and I think that’s when turnovers happen. I think when we, as whole, as a unit, when we are on the same page, when we get down the field, and being able to make plays, I think that’s when we find that rhythm and take care of the football."

On the challenge of putting together another good week
"Just starting off on the right page today and just letting go of last week, make sure that we want to improve from the mistakes we made this past weekend and just watch as much film as we can, and just be as prepared as we can with Northwestern coming in here and just having a good atmosphere. You know, we’re excited about the alternate uniforms, but we've just got to make sure we zone out all the hype and all the stuff about the game, and just make sure that we take care of ourselves and that’s by just watching film and being able to execute on and off the field when it comes to watching film and go out there and execute."

On his familiarity with Nebraska's 1995 national championship team
"You know, I was two years old when that team was playing, so you know, I’m not really familiar with it. I’m pretty sure they’re a great team who we want to represent the right way, so we’re going to start off this week doing that, and that’s by just watching film and making sure we’re prepared."

On earning a bowl bid
"Our whole objective is just to win as many games as we can. We’ll let that set us up down the road, but as far as right now, we’re taking it one week at a time and making sure that we win each and every week and not put ourselves in situations like we did, you know. 5-10 seconds away from being 5-1. Right now, we’re 3-4 and we've just got to keep winning out."

On the alternate adidas uniforms
"I like it. Terry does a great job of putting those things together and they do a great job of taking care of us and things like that. I like the uniforms, I’m looking forward to wearing them, but at the same time we've got to know our purpose, and that’s to get that win. I’m going to enjoy wearing it, but it’s even better when you can wear it and go out and win."

On discussing sports brands
"We kind of have conversations about who switches and things like that. We saw Miami go to adidas, and now we see Wisconsin with Under Armour and things like that, but we don’t have a say in what we wear. We’re happy with what we have now, and if down the road things happen, things happen. We’re not in control of it, we’re just here to play football and get an education. You know, whatever happens, happens, but at the end of the day we rep adidas."

On adding the fullback to the offense
"It adds a lot, just by having Andy (Janovich) back there as a threat. We gain a lot from that offensive line. We get a push and things like that, and we know if we get him a hole, he gets past the second line which is linebackers, he may break one loose and touchdown, so he does a great job of pushing up front when you have a physical defensive line, going up against a big defensive line, you try to push up front. Sometimes you slip right underneath, but it helps a lot to get a 4-5 yard gain. It kind of keeps them on their heels, pushing up the field. It helps out a lot with Andy."

On whether defenses focus much attention on the fullback
"No, not really. Because we’ve got a broad range of things that we can run out of different formations, things like that, so it’s hard for them to just say “hey, watch that” and then all of the sudden we do a power run and it goes for 40 yards. It’s kind of hard to, you know, just call out our plays when it comes to certain situations by how many different people we’ve got and how many guys we give the ball to in certain situations."

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