Nebraska-Northwestern week: Alonzo Moore

Nebraska wide receiver Alonzo Moore is coming off one of the best games of his career against Minnesota.

On maintaining offensive consistency against Northwestern
“It all starts in practice. It starts in the film room and in practice. We had a great week of practice last week that led up to that game. We have to keep that going each and every day.”

On pride in his blocking abilities
“That’s very important because that springs a very big play for someone else. I’m happy to sacrifice and just get in the way to stop a defender for one of our guys to score, that makes me feel really good.”

On pride in his special team’s abilities
“It’s huge. Anyway that you can help your team to win. That’s the only way I look at it. Anyway I can help my team win.”

On if he had to develop as a blocker or it just comes naturally
“I had to develop it. I never was a blocker in high school. I don’t remember one time I ever blocked a corner or a DB In high school. My running back, Trey Gilbert, he’d always be mad at me or yell at me and I used to tell him, ‘I don’t know what to do.’”

On reaction from his friends and family back home
“I really don’t talk to a lot of people back home like that, I just really communicate with my family. It’s probably success. They’re probably very proud of me. I stay close with my family because no matter what I know, they’re going to be there for me.”

On who kept his confidence up in his early years
“My mom, my Dad. Pretty much family. Then some of my friends that I played in high school ball with.”

On how to maintain an even keel
“It’s like something I was thinking about. In a situation like this, you have to look at is as, God will take you to hell just to get you to heaven. He’s going to take you through all those dark rooms and everything but you just have to stay with it and trust the process. I think that’s what our guys did, we trusted the process and we stayed with it. Things from here can only go up.”

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