Nebraska-Northwestern week: Terrell Newby

Nebraska running back Terrell Newby went over the century mark against Minnesota. Can he keep it going against Northwestern?

On the improvement in ball security
"We just can’t afford turnovers. It’s really been stressed during fall camp and throughout the season, so it’s like second nature to us just to make sure our ball security is always on point."

On running fewer option in helping ball security
"We work on ball handling every single day though. The quarterback-center exchange and the quarterback-running back exchange, so we want to make sure we don’t have any problems with those hand-offs throughout the week."

On reducing fumbles
"I think it’s just been engraved in our heads, over time, you know. We’ve just been working on it throughout the years and this coaching staff has hit it really hard, so I think it’s just second nature now."

On any changes in drills to reduce fumbles
"No, it’s just an every day, consistent thing."

On being hungrier as a team
"Once we got going, we see what we’re capable of. It starts getting fun when we’re able to execute both sides of the ball."

On the team's mental toughness
"I think we were able to capitalize and work on our mistakes from the week before, so we knew our team needs a comeback and we had to just come out second half and get it done."

On his 69-yard run at Minnesota
"It felt good, once I hit second level I just knew I couldn’t get caught."

On the hole and what he saw as the run developed
"That was a huge hole. Any of you guys could’ve run through that. So, I was, I just saw it and hit it and just played off instinct."

On watching the film
"Coach Davis and I watched a little film yesterday, and he just replayed it and said, you know, I’m glad you didn’t get caught because you wouldn’t have heard the end of it."

On fullback Andy Janovich's impact on the running game
"It could happen at any time, so I definitely think he’s definitely a threat now, just knowing that they might want to keep another guy in the box like that or about Jano, but his carries are going come, and they can come at the right time and make a big, big play."

On Janovich helping Newby's play
"He helps me no matter what in the blocking game, pass protecting. He’s all over the field doing a good job."

On the close battles between Nebraska and Northwestern
"It’s always a close game with them. I think we just want to take the same approach as last week. Get on the team early and then finish them throughout the second half. I know from last year they were pretty good, their secondary. So, we should be in for a good one."

On De'Mornay Pierson-El's impact
"He’s a big play waiting to happen, especially on punt returns, getting us in good field position. With him out there, I mean, he could get it on a sweep, or just be a good target in the passing game, so he definitely adds another weapon to our offense."

On Nebraska's overall offensive performance at Minnesota
"That’s how we want to play. We want to get it done rushing and passing each week. Tommy and all the receivers did a great job during the week, and they definitely executed on Saturday."

On Nebraska's success rushing the ball at Minnesota
"It started with the O-line, great push up front. Like I said, once we get going we feel like we can’t be stopped by whoever’s out there."

On Nebraska's postseason prospects
"We know we want to win them out, but we've got to take it each game at a time. But our goal is to win out from here on out."

On Nebraska's alternate uniforms
"I’m real excited. I’ve been excited for the last couple years about the alternate uniforms, so they look pretty good this year and I’m ready to rock them."

On his favorite alternate uniform in the last three years
"I liked the freshman year ones against UCLA. Those were pretty sweet."

On reducing penalties
"Coach lets us see the penalty totals and that’s one of the biggest things on our sheet after each game. Cutting down the penalties and cutting down mental errors, so it’s just one of those other things that have been engraved in our head each week to cut down on penalty totals."

On cleaning up the mistakes
"I was kind of just reminded throughout the week, we see the totals and penalties. You can’t win with a high amount of penalties, so it was stressed throughout the whole week."

On his holding penalty being Nebraska's only penalty on offense at Minnesota
"I wasn’t really intending to hold them like that. It was kind of an 'oops,'"you know what I mean.

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