Nebraska-Northwestern post: Jordan Westerkamp

Nebraska receiver Jordan Westerkamp talked with the media after the Huskers 30-28 loss on Saturday.

On what kept the offense out of rhythm

"We came out kind of slow. Obviously our defense had some great stops early, and we weren't able to capitalize on them. We'll have to go back

and look at the film because I don't know exactly what the problem was. From a wideout point, myself included, we had some pretty big drops

today that could've changed the game. Like I said, myself included. I think I had a little slant route I missed. Just little mistakes, we were so

close. It would be a whole different ball game if you clean those things up. But it is what it is, and you've just got to continue to move forward and

go back and watch this film and get better."


On the difference between his success last week compared to today

"Well, Northwestern for the most part played a little bit more zone, so it wasn't really difficult to get open or anything. We had our chances all

over the place. From an offense's point of view, we just weren't able to capitalize. And those little mistakes, like I said, drops, just a little detail

thing can hold the offense back. It was definitely a bad day."


On if some of the early three-and-outs stuck with the offense

"Yeah, obviously we were down and we had to put some points on the board and we weren't able to get anything going early. We put a good

drive together a little bit later to bring us back, but it wasn't enough. At the moment, you don't realize how important those drives are until the

game is over. You look back and go "Oh man, this would've changed the game." But like I said, it is what it is. The game's over, you can't do

anything about it now but get better. We've just got to go back and watch the film, stay together, stay positive and we'll be OK."


On how you keep the team together and move forward

"Football is a crazy game. Lots of ups and downs. It's kind of a roller coaster ride and we're on it right now in full force, but we'll be OK. We have

great coaches here, great team, great players and they know what's important and they're mature guys. We're all mature, and we'll be OK. We'll

stay together, we'll keep this thing going, we'll stay positive, we'll get back and have a great week at practice and get ready for Purdue."


On if they felt like they let an opportunity go after the drive after the safety

"Yeah, definitely. Like I said, you don't realize how important those drives and those opportunities are until after the game is over. So it's a tough

loss. We did a lot of good things and we did a lot of bad things, and we just need to clean those things up and we'll be OK moving forward."


On if he knew Northwestern would be more stingy against the run

"Going into the week we knew they had a pretty good pass defense actually. I mean a defense in general. We were able to get after them today

a little bit and the passing game wasn't enough. They did a good job stopping our run, but we're better than what we showed. We're absolute

better than what we showed. Like I said, we'll try to get better and we will."


On how he saw the two-point conversion play from his perspective

"They kind of played a 4-6 type of coverage where they just kind of lie across the goal line in sort of a zone. And the play from my point of view,

they had a linebacker right in my hook-up spot, so from my point of view I was covered. But they played it well. It was just one of those plays

where if you play the right defense it's kind of hard to convert on it. It was the same one we ran against Miami for the two-point conversion. It

worked out then, but it just wasn't working for us today, but we'll get better."


On if they knew it was coming or if they were prepared for it

"No, just their defense. It's one of those plays where their defense made a good call."

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