Cavanaugh sees gap and no need for rotation on offensive line

After comments from Nebraska offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh, don't expect an offensive line rotation in Lincoln anytime soon.

LINCOLN, Neb. - Nebraska offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh hears the rumblings. He knows rotation on the offensive line is a hot topic in Lincoln these days. Don't expect those rumblings to change any thoughts on the subject. 

"To me the guys that are in there are the best players," said Cavanaugh. "There is a gap. How many NFL games do guys watch? Do they rotate guys just to rotate them? I've never done that."

Cavanaugh said questions regarding Nebraska's offensive line and substitutions doesn't both him. 

"If you have a group of guys that are pretty sharp mentally and you just throw someone in there and he screws something up, it's all of us now," said Cavanaugh. "I have a hard time if their is seperation between players, physcially or mentally, why would you rotate them in?

"If they were ready, trust me, they would be playing." 

Translation, don't expect any offensive line rotation in the coming weeks. 



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