Nebraska-Michigan State post: Brandon Reilly

Nebraska receiver Brandon Reilly spoke with the media after the Huskers' 39-38 win over Michigan State. Reilly caught the game winning touchdown.

On touchdown

"It was just a basic four verticals play. Being in the boundaries. A lot of it just man to man and I kind of had a feeling Tommy (Armstrong Jr.) would come my way and I saw the ball and had to make a little adjustment but I'm glad it worked out the way it did because we've been on the wrong side of it too many times this year."


On what the referee said

"After. He just said, 'great catch,' but nothing else about the out of bounds or anything."


On if he was nervous while they reviewed the play

"Yeah, very. When it was all time high, I think my heart just stopped. We needed this one more than anything. Words can't describe how I'm feeling right now, I'm just so excited it worked out the way it did."


On the celebration
"It was crazy. The crowd was phenomenal, the people that stayed. The people that left, I kind of feel bad for them but I'm sure they had better things to do."


On offensive mentality in last minute
"We were just hoping we would get the ball one more time with a chance to win it. We have Tommy as a quarterback, biggest competitor I probably know and hit Mr. Velcro Westy (Junior Wide Receiver Jordan Westerkamp) a few times, you know he's not dropping it. They got us into scoring range and it just worked out how we wanted it."


On how much more efficient the offense was
"It was big. Huge props to our offensive line, they got one of the best D-Line's in the country. For the most part, they held them out of there and gave Tommy time. Everything was clicking especially towards the end."

On attitude in the huddle with time running out

"Tommy just said, 'let's do it.' We wanted the ball back and our defense got a stop and we just feed off of him and just let it work out the way it did."


On what he remembers from the celebration
"Bits and pieces I remember. Especially after, once the clock hit zero, the crowd was just unreal. It's a moment I'll never forget for sure."

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