Nebraska-Michigan State post: Imani Cross

Nebraska running back Imani Cross rushed for a season high 98-yards on Saturday against Michigan State.

On how it felt to start and if it led to extra motivation

"It felt great to start. I was thankful for the opportunity. I was thankful that the coaches gave me the opportunity to start and put me in that role that they did tonight. I thank God for it." 


On his production against a defense that has been good against the run all year

"I feel OK, you know as I did. I think the offensive line was amazing. I'll give those guys credit. They did a great job handling those guys up front. That D-lineman that they had and Michigan State's middle linebackers, they were good. The offensive line did a great job blocking up front and getting to the second level as well. Our receivers did a great job blocking. Coach (Danny) Langsdorf did a great job calling the calls. It was a total team effort. It was awesome."


On the scene after the game and where it ranks in his career

"It was awesome. It probably ranks No. 1 since I've been at Nebraska. The result of believing and the result of having faith. The No. (6) team in the country comes in to our house and are we going to believe or are we going to dwell on the past and tonight we believed. I'm thankful for that."


On the review of Brandon Reilly's game-winning touchdown

"I knew he scored. That moment was... it was our moment. I knew it was our moment, and I knew he scored. It was a great play by Tommy (Armstrong Jr.) and a great play by Brandon (and the) offensive line protecting."


On his running outside the tackles and how fun it was

"It was really fun getting out on the edge with a little bit of speed, just a tiny bit. It was just awesome. The tight ends and the tackles and Andy (Janovich) did a great job setting the edge for me, so all I had to do was press it and then hit it outside. Once again I was just thankful for that opportunity."


On his feeling on Nebraska's final drive and having to go 91 yards

"We do it all the time in practice, actually. The talk was just to do what we do. Fifty-five seconds is actually a long time in football, so we had enough time. Jordan (Westerkamp) did a great job. The offensive line did a great job protecting and our receivers made plays - not to single out Jordan - all of them did make plays. We felt really confident in that situation because of the receivers we have."


On the confidence of Tommy Armstrong Jr. on the final drive

"Tommy has a confident personality. I never see Tommy un-confident. He's one of those guys. He believes in himself. Once again it showed tonight."


On if this was a redemption game for the team

"I wouldn't call it redemption, but I would call it just believing in ourselves and having faith. That's the first step we took tonight. Redemption from the past; we didn't think about the past tonight, we just thought about tonight and the opportunity we had. We believed, we had faith and we all played as hard as we possibly could, and we came out with the win."

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