Nebraska-Michigan post: Nate Gerry

Nebraska defensive back Nate Gerry talks about the Huskers' defensive stops at the end of the game.

On the postgame celebration

"That was one of those things that I'm gonna remember for a while. I've never really seen Memorial Stadium like that in my career before. It was pretty crazy. That was a great feeling. It was just one of those wins that we needed. We knew we were going to win this game just because of the attitude we had going into it."


On the defensive stops at the end of the game

"Our emphasis all week was opportunity. Not really looking at our record or anything, just given an opportunity to go play a big time team who's nationally ranked, in the top 10 or whatnot. It was just another opportnity for us, and every time we went out there that was in the back of our head. Just an opportunity to get better and be on the big stage and give the offense the ball back again. That's one thing we did all game was just believe, and when you have Tommy (Armstrong Jr.) at quarterback you've just got to believe."


On the performance of Imani Cross

"I thought Imani stepped up real well. I think he's faced a lot of adversity in the season. Individually, for himself and it was just one of those games where I thought he held the rock real well. The offensive line had a really good game. I saw some guys in there that you don't really see every now and then, but like I said, it was just another opportunity for our team, and they took full advantage. Tommy and (Jordan) Westerkamp had all kinds of belief in that offense and going into that fourth quarter there was nothing in the back of our head that we weren't going to win that game."


On the defense's mentality

"Like I said, opportunity. Giving our offense another opportunity to win. That was in the back of our head going out there. Just do our job and go off (to the) side and cheer on Tommy and the offense."


On the win

"I'm pretty excited still. It's a big win. That's all I've got to say, it was a big win for us."

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