4-star Louisville Commit Desmond Fitzpatrick Impressed by Nebraska Official

Nebraska hosted Louisville commit Desmond Fitzpatrick, a four-star and nation's No. 39 wide receiver on Saturday and he saw a wild finish in a wild atmosphere. He talks about it here.

Desmond Fitzpatrick went into this weekend's Nebraska official knowing he was likely going to see a great atmosphere and game, but he admits he got even more than he bargained for in witnessing live the Cornhuskers' thrilling 39-38 victory over Michigan State, which went right down to the wire.

"That was the craziest game I've ever been to," he said. "Just the atmosphere and and the fans...just crazy. "

The Husker passing attack was a big part of the win and the wide receivers made several big plays, including Brandon Reilly's controversial game-winning touchdown.

"I think their offense did great against them. They threw for over 300 yards and the routes that the offense runs are NFL routes."

Fitzpatrick is committed to Louisville. He says that hasn't changed but he does have a little something to think about now.

"I am still committed to Louisville but Nebraska raised my eyebrow," he said.

As for his plans moving forward, Fitzpatrick says, "I am going to my official to Louisville and I'm also going to Indiana and Illinois."

That said, this visit did give him a new perspective on the Cornhuskers.

"My opinion changed on them. Ihad  never been to a Nebraska game until yesterday. I'm glad my first experience was this game."

Fitzpatrick finished his senior season with 1,215 receiving yards and 23 touchdown receptions. He also added six interceptions for Waterford Mott while helping them to the 2nd Round of the state playoffs.

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