Nebraska to spend an extra day recruiting during the bye week

Nebraska will spend an extra day on the road recruiting next week because of the late bye week.

With Nebraska’s bye week so late in the season, head coach Mike Riley said his coaching staff will spend an extra day on the road next week recruiting.

The Huskers currently have 16 players committed (15 if you don’t count running back Alfonso Thomas, who doesn’t appear to be a guy who will sign with Nebraska in the fall).  Recently Nebraska head coach Mike Riley said the class would be no smaller than 22 signees on National Signing Day. The way things look right now, the Huskers could very well be on a path to a slightly larger than full class (25-players). 

If that is the case, Nebraska definitely has some work to do over the next 2.5 months and the Huskers’ bye week will be a huge part of the equation.

“We will practice a little bit and then get the guys out,” said Nebraska Director of Player Personnel Ryan Gunderson. “It’s kind of tough this late in the season, because many teams aren’t playing anymore. Getting a good evaluation on kids is tough, but there are still some playoffs going on.

“The one good thing is we have had the whole season go by, so the list has been pared down a bit on whom we are going to go see. So there will be some guys we go check on and be seen by them. It should be a few days for each coach on the road.”


While Gunderson couldn’t give an exact count on how many players will be visited, he said it would be a full recruiting effort by the coaching staff.

“Ten coaches will get two days – at least,” said Gunderson. I can’t say how many kids for sure, it’s more specific to single recruits. There will be some 2017s in there as well who are high-profile that we feel we are in with.”

It won’t be just the high school circuit being hit. Nebraska is likely to recruit a few more junior college kids than the normal recruiting class.

“There are also some junior college players in there, doing our last checks, making sure they are doing well on their grades this term,” said Gunderson, who said most of the prospect they visit will already be guys that are on the radar. “I would say 90 percent guys we are fighting for right now, just being seen by them.”

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