NU gets number 8 - another from in-state

When you look to pledge to a school, it's usually for a variety of reasons. The first most of the time is that it just felt like the place to be. Whether it's close to home, has just what you want academically speaking or has the type of offense or defense you like, many are the criteria recruits use for making their choice. Seth Olsen made his choice and his criteria went even beyond the usual, but for a good reason.

When Seth Olsen pulled the trigger today, it was for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. It was also for himself. Ok, you say that's obvious, but if you don't know just a bit of the background of Seth Olsen, you might be losing a major issue here, Olsen admitting such.

Olsen committed to Nebraska because it's a great University. He committed to NU because of the enormous tradition of winning and excellence at the offensive line position. He also committed, because he felt that NU was where he could make sure that a back injury currently in the rehabilitation phase would never again have to be addressed. "I knew that with the strength and conditioning they have there, they would be able to help me make sure this is right." Seth said in reference to the rehab on his back. "They know what they are doing and I thought that this would be the best place to be to make sure I was in the best shape I could be."

The back problem has been an issue for Olsen, but that's hardly a surprise. It was a big enough factor that it was more than likely key in the Iowa Hawkeyes not extending an offer to Seth at this time. "They wanted to see my first three games." Seth state of what Iowa told him. More to the point though, they probably wanted to see just how that back was going to hold up and if he was truly all the way back.

Getting all the way back has been the biggest concern for Olsen, other than having to deal with busy-body recruiting reporters like myself. It's an issue that hasn't just focused his mind on getting better, but yes, in the back of his mind, it had at least a little to do with the decision he made today.

You see, as good as Seth is, when you have a back injury, schools shy away, that being best illustrated by Iowa. As a recruit, you can't think that others won't follow suit. As Iowa was his only other real team of consideration at this time, at least in comparison to NU, it could have been a signal to Olsen that now is the time where you make the pledge while you have a chance, because if you hold off and your back doesn't get any better, there might not be any offers at all. Olsen conceded, that, that was a consideration, albeit a minor one. "It was in the back of my mind." Olsen stated. "But, I'm almost all the way back now, so I didn't think I wouldn't have a spot mid-way through the season."

With his spot secured on the Nebraska roster, Seth can now look to the future. His team minus their leader from last year, John McCardle will now look to Adam Shada to take the reins for Millard North.

And as for his future as a Husker, finishing off his rehab is what matters and once he's on campus, you have a good idea what Olsen plans to do. "I will redshirt coming in, just so I can get into the weight room and work with the strength and conditioning coaches to get ready for college football, but I hope to try for a shot as a Sophomore and just see how it goes from there."

One question that loomed in my mind and might in yours was that, let's say that Olsen does get all the way back to 100 percent healthy. What if Iowa does come o'calling and offers him as he hoped they would initially. Will he then re-think the decision he made? "A lot of kids, they let their heart do the talking and it tells them to commit and sometimes they go back on it." Olsen stated. "A commit is a commit and when you say you are going somewhere, that's where you should go."

And as for Iowa? "They had their chance. It's too late now."

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