Nebraska HC Mike Riley talks investigation

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley talked about the investigation surrounding multiple Husker players on Tuesday.

 LINCOLN, Neb. – According to the Omaha World Herald, police said Tuesday they were investigating an alleged sexual assault at the home of two Husker football players – quarterback Tommy Armstrong and wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp.

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On Tuesday, Nebraska head coach, slated to talk to the media prior to the news, spoke on the matter after the Huskers’ bye week practice.

“I found out about the allegations just after 11 a.m. I was in a staff meeting,” said Riley. “Right now we are really early in all of this. It’s one of those deals where we will follow exactly what the policies are through the athletic department and the university as everything goes forward. Whatever they find out and deem, we will follow it right to the core.”

Riley said the University and the Title IX office is working with law enforcement and said he did not know any details of the event.

“I would have liked to known earlier,” said Riley, who gave his players an off day on Monday during the bye week. "We try to school our players on informing us of anything.”

Both players practiced on Tuesday.

The Omaha World Herald reached Armstrong by phone earlier in the day.

"After talking to us, (the police) said you guys should be fine," Armstrong told the Omaha newpaper. "From what we're hearing, everything was consensual." 

 Riley said it was too early in the process to speculate if any players would miss the Huskers’ matchup with Iowa next week. Riley said he couldn’t deny that the incident is not a distraction.

"I am like all of you, I'm interested in where we're going and what's going to be found," Riley said. "I know the process is ongoing and the right people are taking care of that process."

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