A rising Star, RB, Delbert Ferguson

6'2" and around 220 lbs. How many positions can you think of that this size is ideal for? One? Two? Three? Actually, outside of linebacker and perhaps tight end (not necessarily even then), this is about as perfect as you can get. Height, size and physical style make Delbert Ferguson a kid that has a heck of an up-side. Who will benefit from that, well, that's another question.

Just from his measurements, you could easily say that Delbert Ferguson physically has a ton. His size makes him ideal for just about any position on the field, not in the trenches. That physical potential is getting him noticed, but the 1,700 plus yards last year with over 20 touchdowns didn't hurt either.

This year though, it's a step up.

Transferring to the big-time, Warren Harding, Ferguson will have his work cut out for him just to see the field as a taskmaster coach hasn't given him an inch if you have read any of the Insiders' updates up to this point on Delbert. It's earn your place at Warren Harding, a school that is used to being at or near the top of their class.

With that in mind, it doesn't diminish the hopes Delbert has for succeeding this year, because he isn't just a physical specimen, but a confident one as well. "All I ever look for are opportunities and it's up to me to make the most out of them." Delbert said. "Nobody gives you anything and you don't want them to, so you go out there and you earn the respect you get."

That respect comes from of course, his potential, some, his performance at Ursuline high school last year and Delbert's ability to hit you not where he is strongest, but where you are the weakest. "I can do it anyway you want." Ferguson stated. "I'm physical enough to pound it up the middle and if I need to, I can make a move and get around you."

"A lot of times, I knew I could get into the end zone, it was only a matter of how I did it."

The attention for one of Ohio's best has been increasing as the off-season has progressed. It's been to the point where Delbert knows that he has a lot of choices in front of him and doesn't see a need to put any type of urgency on what he's going to do or where he's going to go. That includes official visits. "I haven't made up my mind as to who I am really looking at." he said. "It's really important that I concentrate on my senior season, because that's where it counts, for me, but most of all, for the team."

"I want to do the best I can, but I want to contribute to what the team gets done more. That's what counts."

Ferguson is being looked at by a variety of teams, some biggies like Iowa, Michigan State and Nebraska already offering him in writing. Their serious interest in him prompts that in return, but again, Delbert isn't narrowing anything down just yet. "I would like to get down to Nebraska to see what that is all about, because they are a real running school, but I still don't really have an idea of what I want to do right now."

"I've got a ways to go and just need to take my time on it, because my senior season means more to me right now and I'll check the schools out, but don't need to right now."

A pretty realistic view from a pretty realistic kid that said of the next level, he's looking for the same thing he's looking at right now. "I just want a shot for a job out there." he said. "I figure if someone gives me a fair look along with everyone else, I can take care of the rest and if I am not number one or good enough to get the job at the time, it's my job to get better and become good enough for it."

"That's what I expect out of myself and that's what my coaches expect out of me."

It should be noted that current starting running back for Ohio State, Maurice Clarett is a long-time friend of Ferguson, so that will no doubt come into play, but to what degree, that's impossible to say right now, especially with nobody knowing just how long Clarett will be at Ohio State.

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