Nebraska-Iowa week: Andy Janovich

Nebraska senior fullback Andy Janovich will be playing his final game inside Memorial Stadium on Friday.

On the senior class
“I just think everybody that’s a senior, the whole team really, everybody is great to be around, everybody works hard. I wouldn’t want to be with another group of guys.”

On senior defensive end Jack Gangwish
“Jack, that guy is great. He’s a go-getter. He works harder than anybody on the team. He never gives up, he’s just got a motor. He’s not the guy that I would want across from me. It’s great the way it’s worked out for him. I know with the last coaching staff, he didn’t get quite the opportunity, but now that he’s fallen into the captain role, and playing time he’s got now, he’s making the most of it and I’m happy for him.”

On if the senior class is closer because of all they went through over the past year
“I think so. When the last coaching staff was gone, we all just came together and realized that we can only really count on ourselves and I think everybody’s got great chemistry because of it.”

On what it would mean to solidify bowl eligibility with a win on Friday
“That would be great, if we could go out there and win and go to a bowl game. One more game with this group of guys, that would be something I would really look forward to.”

On if he watched the Iowa/Purdue game on Saturday
“No, I was in the tree stand.”

On what the possibly to a bowl game, despite being 3-6 at one time, says about the team
“Everybody fights. Nobody’s given up. We take the practice field every day with the same mentality. We’ve got to prepare the same for every opponent and we’ve done that. I can’t look at anybody and say, ‘you’re not doing your job, or you’re slacking off.’ Everybody’s just been fighting and it’s just a really resilient group of guys.”

On if there was a turning point in the season
“The Michigan State game. We proved that if we don’t beat ourselves, we can beat anybody in the country. There were hardly any penalties, [missed assignments], that’s something that’s been killing us in the past.”

On if Iowa is a rival
“I do [considered them to be a rival]. I’ve heard people say no, but I’d say any team we play is a rival.”

On how emotional the game on Friday will be
“I think emotions will be flying very high, and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

On his time here
“It’s gone by really fast. I remember sitting in the seats and all the seniors were saying, ‘hey, enjoy your time here, it’s going to go by really fast.’ And I was just like, ‘OK whatever guys.’ I was a freshman just looking at my watch, like when will I get out of here, and now I don’t want to leave.”

On what he’ll be thinking about
“Just go out there and play my hardest and leave everything on the field. I don’t want to have any regrets when I get out of this program.”

On if he expected to play so much
“At the beginning of the year, I wasn’t really expecting much because the last staff told me the same thing, like ‘hey, we’re going to play you a whole bunch’ and I was just like, ‘sweet.’ Then it got to my junior year and I was just like, ‘alright, whatever.’ Then they told me the same thing and I said, ‘alright, we’ll see.’ Then when it worked out, I’ve been just thrilled with what’s happened.”

On Coach Mike Riley saying he could be an NFL player
“Not at all. [I didn’t think that was a possibility]. I was just focused on my degree. I don’t want to rely on it. I’m going to do the pro day and if it works out that would be great, but that’s a good thing that they give us an education so we can do other things with that.”

On if he watched the Michigan State/Ohio State game
“[I was hunting, so afterwards,] when we got into the truck, I turned it on and it was right when they were kicking the field goal, so I got to catch the last part of that game. I was pretty excited about that. I didn’t want Ohio State to win. I think they’re a little overrated.”

On if Michigan State beating Ohio State makes him feel good about the win over Michigan State
“Oh, absolutely.”

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