Nebraska OC Danny Langsdorf breaks down the 4th and 1 call

On 4th an 1 in the fourth quarter Nebraska ran a deep fade route to the end zone. Was it the right read by quarterback Tommy Armstrong? Nebraska offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf examines.

Down 28-17 in the fourth quarter, Nebraska had a 4th down and 1 after getting stuffed at the line on on third down. 

Nebraska offesnive coordinator Danny Langsdorf called for a pass. 

“That play has options," said Nebraska head coach Mike Riley. "One of the options was a hitch route or a converted fade. There is also a combination on the other side. Certainly, he (Armstrong) is able at times to take that fade. You would like to think that we could hit it, but at the same time there were other options on that play.”

Armstrong did in fact try the fade. It didn't work. Not only did it not work, but it appeared Armstrong had a wipe open Cethan Carter on the flats. 

Langsdorf talked about the play in the video above. 

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