Run-Stuffing Machine - DT, Dorrel Scott

You can't put a price on great run-stuffing defensive tackles. They can often be the difference between someone driving the ball down your throat or you driving it back down theirs. They aren't important. They are a necessity. Enter one of the better run-stuffers around, Dorrel Scott.

At 6'4" and 315 lbs., Scott has the girth to seal running lanes just by standing there. He sits as one of South Carolina's top 30 players, but in all actuality, the Insiders ranks Dorrel amongst the top 30 defensive tackles in the entire country.

While Dorrel isn't ready to start acknowledging that ability that got him there, he did clue us in on how he has achieved some of his success. "A lot of it's technique." he said. "I work on that a lot because I like shooting the gaps."

"I can do it either way, but I would rather shoot the gaps."

I think that any interior lineman that plays on the defensive side of the ball will tell you that being able to shoot the gaps consistently takes a few things. One, you better have good technique, because great strength doesn't always help, especially in light of some probable double-teams. Two, you better have a motor, because you simply can't be physical in the trenches, you have to be relentless as well. Finally, you need to be just plain aggressive, utilizing a take-no-prisoners attitude, because the other guys are playing that way with you.

Oh, and it doesn't hurt if you are able to take your opponent out of their game with a bit of verbal-sparring, something Dorrel says he does with great pleasure. "I'm talking all game long." Dorrel said. "I'm telling the offensive linemen that they can't stop me. I'm telling the QB that soon, we are going to be real good friends and I'm doing it the whole game. That's how I have fun out there."

I'm sure it's not that much fun for the other guy though. Not that Scott cares about how they feel though. As you would expect, a guy in the trenches has one attitude. "You have to be mean and you have to be physical." he said. "Out there, if you are anything less, you might as well not show up."

Aside from Dorrel physically and verbally showing up every game, the schools are showing up as well. Either letters galore or offers, Scott is seeing the attention grow week-to-week.

Some of the teams hitting him hardest right now wouldn't be a surprise as the in-state powers, Clemson and South Carolina have both offered and of course, are considered easy favorites for Scott's services. Dorrel didn't agree. "They are great schools." Scott said of the GameCocks and the Tigers. "But, I am going where it's the best fit for me and what I want and if turns out to be one of them, ok, but if not, that's ok to."

The actual list that Dorrel has for favorites includes just about anyone and everyone, because that's the mentality he is taking right now. Don't narrow it down, because there's really no reason to right now. "I've got the time and my team needs me more than I need to make a decision about where I am going." he said. "I'll worry about college after I've done everything I can to help my team win games."

Look for Scott to take those officials after his season and as Scott stated, he's taking all five for sure.

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