At 5-7 Nebraska's season will continue in a bowl game

Nebraska is going bowling and will find out where they play this weekend.

LINCOLN, Neb. - At 5-7 Nebraska is going to a bowl game. The NCAA made it official on Monday afternoon when they made a decision how 5-7 teams, who are not technically bowl eligible, would be selected.

Nebraska has one of the better APRs in the country and the highest among 5-7 teams.

The Huskers bowl destination? That is still a question mark. Although it appears  the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth, the Quick Lane Bowl in Detroit and the Music City Bowl in Nashville are possible destinations. 

"From the program's point of view, going to a bowl is good because it allows us to practice longer,” said Nebraska senior defensive end Jack Gangwish. “Any time you can get some more time with each other that's great. I think bowl prep is almost 20 practices and if you think about it spring football is only 15 practices, so when you look at it that way, a bowl is a pretty big deal. It's another few weeks of practicing and getting ready to go. To some people who would say that we're not good enough to go to a bowl, maybe they're right, but I'd sure like to go, so that's where I'm at."

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley agreed over the weekend.

“It would give us a chance to continue practicing and in that practice, work longer with younger guys in the development part of it, the guys that are redshirting right now that we could spend a little more time with,” said Riley. “Lots of residuals there, just for this team, it would be great and also for our upcoming team.”


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