UCLA DT Kenny Clark talks Nebraska

Dec. 16 -- UCLA nose tackle Kenny Clark talks about putting his name in for an NFL Draft evaluation and more...

On playing a 5-7 Nebraska team:

Nebraska is a good team.  They lost games by a combined 20 points and beat Michigan State, a top four team in the playoffs.  Its not a slap in the face. Some of those games they lost on that last play. They're a good team.

On the Nebraska offense:

I think their O-Line is a strong physical group. Their quarterback can get out of the pocket. Their receivers can jump high.  They're a good offense.

On putting his name in for an NFL evaluation:

I've done it. I haven't given it any thought. I was getting one to make sure. I haven't gotten it back. 

On what will go into his decision:

I'll have to talk with Coach Mora, my mom and my family. 

On if he'll decide after the bowl game:

I'm not totally sure, I'm just focused on beating Nebraska.

On playing Nebraska as a freshman:

That was crazy. They have great fans. The biggest thing I remember, I was on kickoff return, my first ever kickoff return, and the crowd was doing some chant and the players were pumping up the crowd. It was a crazy experience and a big game. I remember that game like it was yesterday.  I got recruited by Nebraska and they were one of my favorite teams and I really loved Nebraska, Ndamakung Suh, it was my first taste of going away from the Rose Bowl, going to Nebraska, a hectic stadium.

On how much he considered Nebraska:

Not as much as I considered going to Washington. Nebraska was up there. I talked to the coaches at Nebraska a lot.  Cause of Suh and they came up to the school a couple times. They talked to my head coach in high school. We had a great relationship.

On the importance of getting a win:

It would be a big win for all of us, the seniors, and especially the younger guys to build for next year.  We need to end the year on a good note. The year didn't go like we wanted it to. If we can get a win in this game, we'll put our season well.

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