VIDEO: Jayon Brown on Nebraska Prep, Season

Dec. 17 -- UCLA linebacker Jayon Brown talked about preparing for Nebraska and how his first season as a starter on defense went...

On playing a 5-7 Nebraska team:

Watching them on film, they're a great and athletic team.  They run the ball down hill, have an athletic quarterback who's very mobile. With those last plays they lost on, with a few different plays, their whole season is turned around and they might be a top ten team.

On the value of bowl practices:

With our run fits and the way they run, downhill and powerful, it helps us get our things right to.

On what they have to do for the bowl:

We have to correct our mistakes and see how we can get better and how we can apply it to this bowl game. This bowl game will show what we've been working on and what we're about and go in to next year with a win.

On comfort as a starter:

I'm trying to be a leader of our defense and be there for everybody and play for everyone next to you. Its a good feeling.

On going from a special teamer to a key part of the defense:

Its a great feeling. I've been wanting to play linebacker since i got here.

On how big a win will be for offseason:

It will be big because we have a lot of guys returning so it would add to our legacy and be a good thing.

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