Nebraska DC Mark Banker sees the improvement in Nate Gerry

The adjustment to a new scheme was slow for Nebraska safety Nate Gerry, but defensive coordinator Mark Banker has seen the improvement.

LINCOLN, Neb. – Nebraska junior safety Nate Gerry isn’t afraid to admit – adjusting to a new defensive scheme has been tough.

Gerry’s job was drastically changed from former head coach Bo Pelini’s scheme to now Mark Banker’s.

“I think towards the end of the season I started to figure out the defense a little more,” said Gerry. “Just getting out of some habits and learning new schemes and defensive styles. It’s tough when you come in and know only one certain thing and that is the thing you think is the only way.”  

It caused the junior to be hesitant.

“I don’t know if it was adjustment or what, but it just didn’t flow for him. It didn’t click,” said Nebraska defensive coordinator Mark Banker. “He was resistant, I felt, in, ‘hey, this is what the responsibility is in this coverage,’ he held on so much to the habits that he had within that bracket coverage. He was always a zone-type of defender and always had help underneath or was helping someone else. Just grasping the fact that, ‘You’re a man guy in these situations, so go ahead and do it.’”

Banker has seen the improvement over the second half of the season and down the stretch.

“It was kind of the whole group, things came together a lot better,” said Banker.

In the video above Banker talks about Gerry’s struggles early in the season.


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