A "jitterbug" out of the South, Terrance Jones

Ho-hum, another Florida standout. Yeah, it's that common that just to say you are from Florida, that you play football and are considered amongst the better players in the state, that's enough to get heads turning from coast to coast. Heads have already been turning and are going to be twisting all over the place as Terrance Jones heads into his final prep-year of football.

At 5'9" and around 180 lbs., you think of a small-shifty-elusive back that can break ankles and basically make people feel stupid when trying to tackle him. Ok, that's true, but Terrance would be the first to tell you that isn't all he's about. "I can play with power when I need to." Jones stated. "I like to make a move on people in the open-field, but I can put it to them if I don't have another way to go."

Appropriately enough a member of the Booker Tornadoes, Terrance is proving to be a bit of a whirlwind himself as one of Florida's most respected talent-scouts, Larry Blustein comments about the potential of the Sarasota standout. "May turn out to be the most explosive all-around back we will see this year, and the Tornadoes have known it all along!" said Blustein about Jones.

The accolades aren't restricted to those just evaluating talent from a media perspective, rather you can imagine that teams have jumped on board as well. Terrance stated that he's got approximately 19 offers, both verbal and written, some of the written coming from a good chunk of the SEC and the ACC conferences and Michigan as well.

With so much attention, Terrance wants to evaluate things, but isn't in the mood to wait until after his season to see his schools on official visits like most. "I want to take my visits during the season." Terrance said. "I want to see some games and feel like it's like at some real big-game atmospheres."

As you can figure, that's just one of the criteria for Jones as he evaluates schools, but he said that one thing is getting in the way of getting down to really looking at all those colleges. "A State Title." Jones stated. "That's all I want right now. I know I have to think about the colleges and I will, but getting a state title is what I want more than anything."

Returning a reported 22 seniors, Jones' team would appear to be in the catbird's seat to do just that.

All reports about Jones indicate that he is a player to watch. The fact that he'll be focused upon in the already talent-heavy Sunshine State, that says enough right there. Though diminutive in stature, backs his size have always had to earn their way before they get the props they deserve, but those props already appear to be coming for Terrance in bunches.

With no clear list of his favorites, that will mean more and more eyes will be on him this up-coming season. Eyes from as far west as Nebraska, at least right now.

One amusing note about Terrance was his list of criteria in having a bit to do with weather. You see, Terrance isn't against cold weather, but he's not real high on the idea of playing in it all the time. "I don't want to play at a place like Green Bay." Jones stated. "I don't mind if it's cold maybe a Saturday or two, but I don't want to be on some frozen tundra every weekend."

"That's not for me."

Food for thought: Scratch any team off list that requires sled-dogs to get to practice or class.

Other than that, figure your team is in there, because at this point, Jones hasn't ruled anyone out.

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