Martin lists favorites........"in order"

Every move that Roland Martin makes is watched over by an amazing amount of people. He's one of the best and everyone is attracted to a player like that for obvious reasons. So many offers, so many choices, if there is a final five or at the very least, a favorite five for the time, everyone wants to know what that is. Well, based on the last update done with Roland, he's got a new favorite five and he shared those with us last night

After talking to Roland once, this time around was just an update of sorts, but the reason why you do these updates is because in this game of recruiting, things change and sometimes, they can change very quickly.

One day a player lists such and such teams and not even a week later, that list could be dramatically changed if only because a certain team offered.

And, when it comes to offers, there aren't too many big-name teams that haven't offered Martin in writing, Roland himself not exactly sure how many he has at this time. "Man, I don't know." he said. "I know it's a lot, but I don't know just how many there are."

When you can't even keep track of the offers, some would think it's impossible (at least right now) to have even close to an idea of teams you would like to see or even a vague idea of a list of favorites. Roland actually does, but as you would assume, any list at this point shouldn't be considered "pat", but at least it gives the interested readers an idea of who he is looking at right now.

"I'm looking at those teams I know the most about." Roland said. "Right now, that's Miami, Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee and Nebraska." That's in no particular order of course.

Wait. Now, here's something you don't hear everyday. "I do have a particular order though right now." Martin stated. "It goes in the order of how much I know about each team. The more I know, the higher they are on my list right now."

"That's Illinois, Tennessee, Iowa, Nebraska and Miami."

Ok, Fighting Illini fans, rejoice, at least for now. Roland wanted to emphasize that this list is based on his knowledge of those teams, but doesn't necessarily reflect his ultimate list. Of course, we knew that as is with most recruits during this season. It's a list of favorites in order though and that's something you don't often see from one of the elite this early in the recruiting season.

So, with those teams in mind, are they the favorites for officials right now? "Yeah, right now they are." Roland said. "But, I'm not taking my visits until after the season, so I don't know what's going to happen by then."

When you consider the fact that out of those schools Roland is considering, The Canes are the one team not having offered Martin thus far, that might logically put them as THE favorite if they indeed come through with an offer. Martin wasn't willing to concede that, because again, there's a long road ahead.

"Everything now, it's way too early to say anything is this way or that. I'm looking to play my senior season and then think about what I am going to do. Everything now could be different by then."

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