Recruits react to Nebraska's bowl win

Big Red Report reached out to Nebraska prospects/commits to get their reaction to the bowl in over UCLA.

Patrick O'Brien - "The coaches had a great game plan and we executed all game. The running game game working upened up passing and were able to make plays defensively." 

Caleb Lightbourn - "I thought it was great to see them come back together and play as a team. The came out on top fair and square." 

Avery Roberts -"It was a good game. First half UCLA came out strong, but the second half Nebraska dominated by it's running game." 

Tony Butler - "Great win. I loved what I saw. 30 unanswered points is unbelieveable. That's great defense." 

JoJo Domann - "I think it's a great step in the right direction. Anyone who has been keeping up with the season would know we could have been a 8-9 win team. The win last night isn't surprising, just good to see the momentum moving in our favor!"

Brian Hightower - "It was a great win. I loved how hype and the intensity Nebraska had. It was amazing."

J.D. Spielman - "It showed how good we really are and it proved that we are better than what our record was."

Derrion Grim - "I was excited! When they took that last knee to win the game I was running around the house happy! I was scared for a moment when they were down." 

Jaevon McQuitty - "I thought it was a great win. Also I thought they threw the ball really well. I liked the play calls and the future is bright. GBR."

Greg Simmons - "For a commit that was all we want to see. Defense played great. Nice playing call on offense as well. A lot of players stepped up. It turned out in our favor." 

Tre Bryant - "It was an exciting game to watch, I really enjoyed it. Definitely excited for the future of the program!" 

DiCaprio Bootle - "I loved it. Watched every last second of it. We were down early, but kept fighting and clawing back piece by piece. That was major. Never gave up and go the win. It shows we can play with anybody. We're the greatest. Go Big Red!" 

Others chimed in over social media, but didn't immediately retun our text.

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