The Numbers Game: Nebraska

Big Red Report takes a look at the recruiting numbers heading into the home stretch.

Expect a full Nebraska class on National Signing Day.

With a little over a month until the first Wednesday in February, Big Red Report gives a breakdown of how things could shape out over the next four and a half weeks.

The way we are counting the numbers right now, this is how many open scholarships they should have to give out AT THIS POINT.

14 seniors + Stevenson + Rose + Finnin + Talan + Collins + 3 oversigneees = 22.

This doesn’t take into account wide receiver Keyan Williams, who we expect to be on scholarship once his transfer from Fresno State becomes official.

Do three transfers/departures seem likely? It wouldn’t be unprecedented. Especially after a head coach’s first year.

You also have to consider if defensive tackle Vincent Valentine leaves for the NFL.

Here is a possible breakdown of what is left out there. We don’t think they will reach. But if they go to 25…that means they can take 10 more.

QB – 0

RB – 0 or 1

WR – 1 or 2 (We think two only if you add Isaiah Simmons)

TE – 1

OT – 2 

OG/C - 0 

DE – 2 or 3

DT – 1 or 2

LB – 1

DB – 2 or 3

ST - 0

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