Nebraska wide receiver J.D. Spielman flashes at Semper Fi practice

Nebraska receiver J.D. Spielman was a player that flashed during Semper Fi All-American practice yesterday.

The first practice is in the books for the West squad at the Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl, and National Recruiting Analyst Greg Biggins saw a bunch of standouts on the offensive side of the ball.


Greg Biggins says: "Dillon Sterling-Cole was probably the top guy. I saw him at the Elite 11 and liked him there. He threw some nice balls. He’s most accurate than I expected. He threw the ball in some tight windows.

"I thought Dillon Sterling-Cole had the most upside. He’s probably 6-3. He throws a real nice ball. He spins the football really well. He has a live, accurate arm. He’s mobile but I think he’s very comfortable throwing in the pocket. I think Arizona State is a great fit for him."

Greg Biggins says: "Terry Wilson was also really impressive. I expected him to be more of a dual threat guy that is mostly just a running guy, but he throws a nice ball in the pocket or on the run. He looked good both ways.

"He’s probably about 6-2. I don’t think he has as strong an arm as Dillon, but he throws the ball well. He throws well on the run. He threw some strikes just rolling out and hitting some guys in stride. Again, way better than I expected. He can throw, for sure. Going to Oregon, I think he fits that system pretty well."



Greg Biggins says: "Darian Owens flashed. He’s a UCLA commit. He could play safety but he was playing all receiver. He has strong hands. He needs to clean up his routes a little bit, which is mostly what he is working on, but he has a nice little burst, a little more so than I thought."

Greg Biggins says: "J.D. Spielman was one of the top receivers out there. He's going to Nebraska. Every time you looked up, he was making a play. He’s a little undersized, but he’s real quick, real explosive and he caught everything that was around him."


Offensive line

Greg Biggins says: "Denzel Okaforwas probably the guy who probably got beat the least. He’s a tweener between a guard and tackle, but he was playing most guard. He’s a Texas commit. He’s got a lot of upside."

Greg Biggins says: "I was really surprised with the kid from Hawaii going to Vanderbilt, Sean Auwae. He was our No. 1 rated center, but he was actually moved to tackle because the tackles were getting beat, and he didn’t get beat one time. Auwae was maybe the top offensive lineman all day as a tackle."

Greg Biggins says: " Mike Alves, a UCLA commit, he was good. He is a true guard. He did get beat a few times but he looked good. He has a good body and a good frame, and he moves well.  He did a good job of stopping people."

Greg Biggins says: " Sean Foster, he’s 6-7, 6-8. Leverage will always be an issue for him, but he had some good reps. He is another guy that plays with a little bit of an edge. The o-line/d-line drills were a little lax in terms of emotion, but he kind of got it going a little bit. He has some nastiness to him."

Foster is looking hard at Iowa State and Purdue, and Syracuse is trying to remain involved.

Running Back

Greg Biggins says: "A.J. Taylor, he’s got a burst. He’s an athlete. He can play both sides but he played running back. He was the best running back and has quickness, burst in the whole, balance, vision, can finish a run. He was the total package. Wisconsin is getting a really good player there."

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