Lineman looking to commit early!

Ohio already has plenty of talent coming from within it's borders this year, much like any other. Offensive linemen seem to be growing there like weeds though. Gerald Cadogan is yet another HUGE linemen coming out of the Buckeye state that much like this in-state brethren is drawing plenty of attention thus far.

At 6'7", you just can't get over how big these young prep-standouts are getting. I know I can't. So much height and so much potential for being these irresistible forces as much as they already seem to be immovable objects.

Gerald is a force all his own and looks to be an even bigger force this year. "It's time for 150 percent." Gerald said about his final year. "I want to give it all I got and be the best player I can be."

The best he can be is assumed to be pretty darn good. Quick feet, long arms and an obvious stature advantage that makes him ideal at the tackle position. Actually, everything about Cadogan makes him idea for the trenches, especially his attitude. "It's like when I am talking to the running back, I just say ‘follow me to victory'."

Ok, that's a bit corny, but when you got someone this big (he's reportedly 310 lbs. right now) mowing the road for you, corny or not, you'll take it any day of the week.

And, so will Northwestern, Cincinnati, Boston College, Louisville, Oklahoma and Penn State, those being the schools Gerald stated have offered him in writing. Of course, that means just about anyone and everyone else is sending him more mail than he can cram in any four mailboxes.

While some recruits are willing to let the process pan out, Gerald takes that approach, but is not afraid to pull that trigger very soon if he doesn't seen any serious interest ( that means offers) from anyone else other than the teams he's heard from thus far.

Gerald has his top three right now and it includes one of those aforementioned teams that have offered, but a couple of those that have verbally offered , stating that it would be written if he decided to commit. That list is Michigan, Northwestern and Wake Forest.

Cadogan stated that he could make his commit within the next three weeks, but that's if nobody else he is interested in comes up with written offers. That list of those he is interested in is long, actually too long to list, so let's say it's safe to say that Gerald could wait for his officials should other schools get seriously involved. "If some other teams I like do offer me before the school year starts, I would probably wait on my decision and just take all my visits." he said.

"Other than that though, I wouldn't see much point in waiting, because I know a lot about the three schools I mentioned already."

Ok then, so that means three schools are favorites, but not the only favorites and for once, we seem to have a clear-cut deadline for those other teams to get in there for yet another Ohio standout. Will they or won't they? We'll keep you updated over the next month to see just how this one pans out.

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