SirDarean Adams: He can do it all!

The position of "Athlete" means that a college isn't recruiting you any particular place, but they want your athleticism on the field. You could say that most of the guys out there that play skill positions fit that mold, but only a select few can truly play more than a few positions adequate enough to warrant offers in those positions. SirDarean Adams is one of those types of players.

Let's get this out of the way. You want to talk big names offering you, SirDarean Adams has it. The biggest of the big, THE who's who of the elite in all of college football. That's who has offered him in writing.

Ability? Check

And, he's being offered at more than one position.

Athleticism? Check.

Check out this quote as well. "If you want me as a wide-receiver, I'll be the best receiver out there." Adams stated. "If you want me as a cornerback, I'll lock my man down and shut him down. No matter what the position you put me at, I think I am going to be the best out there on the field."

Attitude? Check.

Just keep going down that checklist and Adams has got it, whatever you deem "it" to be. You don't get offers from the teams he has gotten offers from and not have the physical ability in combination with the confidence to get it done.

The only dilemma for a young man like SirDarean going into his final season of prep-football isn't what he wants to play now (he's going to be the starting QB), it's what he wants to play in college. "I would like to play QB, but most are recruiting me as either a wide receiver or a safety-type of player." SirDarean said. "I'm looking to play whatever gets me on the field and helping the team, but I like having the ball in my hands to."

As a QB last year, Adams passed for over 1,100 yards and ran for over 800 yards and that was in a back-up role. In the spread offense this season as a starter, Adams expects those stats to go up considerably and looks forward to making people see him for a position he thinks is ideal to what his abilities are. "I can run, but I can make plays anyway you want." Adams stated. "I can throw, but I know that my throwing will be a lot better this year, because I will be starting. The more reps I get, the better I am going to be."

Unlike most players that will look to schools based solely on the position they are being recruited for, Adams takes the approach as he doesn't care what the position is despite his affection for the signal-calling position, rather he looks at what the school has to offer. "I want to go to a place that has a good football program, but I really need to get that degree, because you just don't know what can happen." he said.

Location is not an issue, weather is not an issue and time, well that's not an issue either, because SirDarean knows when he's going to pull the trigger. "Signing day." he said. "I want to go to some games, like Nebraska, but I'm taking my time to figure out where I want to go."

Here's an early list of Adams' just to wet your appetite as to the teams that are leading for his services right now and oh, what a list. "Nebraska, Florida, Michigan State, Miami and Ohio State." Adams stated. Amongst those, Florida, Ohio State and Nebraska are as Adams put it, "neck and neck" with the Huskers having a "slight lead".

Why does NU have the lead right now? Well, a lot of it has to do with the fact that SirDarean didn't just follow NU as a young man, he actually knows one of the biggest legends NU has ever had, that being Tommie Frazier. He also new SE, Shevin Wiggins as well as being friends with current Husker, Fabian Washington.

In fact, Adams stated that he just raced Fabian within this last week, narrowly losing to Washington. "He beat me by like an inch." he said. That's not bad when you consider that Washington at one point this last year held the NU record for best 40 time on field turf as he ran a 4.47 electronic.

Because of his friendship with Washington and his obvious familiarity with the Nebraska program and it's current and future needs, NU has an edge, but as Adams stated, only a slight one right now.

As for those officials, other than trying to make a game in Lincoln, SirDarean wasn't sure as to when he would take the rest, whether it was during or after the season. But, considering when Adams plans on making that decision, everyone will have plenty of time to anticipate just what he's going to do.

There's little question what being great at one position can do for your popularity, but when you are great at pretty much every position you play, all the better. I would say that is what we call the catbird's seat.

And that is where SirDarean Adams is sitting right now.

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