Nebraska scholarship numbers (1-11-16)

Nebraska loses sees Vincent Valentine bolt for the NFL and Trai Mosley for Central Arkansas. So what do the numbers look like now?

With the recent departure of Nebraska defensive tackle Vincent Valentine and cornerback Trai Mosley, the Huskers sit at 21 open scholarships in the 2016 class. Big Ten rules allow for teams to oversign by three players, which means Nebraska can  extend itself out to 24 signees at this point. 

At this point being the main words in the sentance.

With classes starting on Monday, don't be surprised of more transfer news on the horizon. In addition, Nebraska fans will now be waiting to hear if defensive tackle Kevin Williams is ready to hang them up. 

We also don't know how head coach Mike Riley will award walk-ons scholarships again in the fall. Every walk-on who received a scholarship in 2015 appeared to be on a one-year plan. It's likely each one will have to be awarded one again. 

The current 2016 scholarship chart looks like this at the moment:

(22) Seniors - Armstrong, *Fyfe, Newby, *Hovey, Moore, Reilly, Westerkamp, Carter, Cotton, *Foster, Thurston, *Utter, Whitaker, Maurice, *Dzuris, McMullen, Banderas, Rose, Gerry, Jackson, Foltz, Williams. 

(12) Juniors - Taylor, Pierson-El, Hannon, Johnson, Knevel, Natter, Newby, Williams, Jones, Joseph, Kalu, Brown. 

(18) Sophomore - Bush, Darlington, Wilbon, Farmer, Foster, Gates, Newell, Stoltenberg, Akinmoladun, King, Gifford, Ozigbo, Morgan, Ferguson, Young, Williams, Reed, Ober. 

(12) Redshirt frosh - Alston, Barnett, Snyder, Decker, Gaylord, Davis, Davis, Davis, Neal, Barry, Anderson, Lee

* Players who were awarded a one year scholarship at the beginning of the year as a walk-on. No promise they will receive another one in 2016. 

Total - 21 open scholarships + 3 oversignees = 24 

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