Breakdown: Nebraska 3-Star DB Commit Tony Butler

Three-star defensive Tony Butler committed to Nebraska Wednesday afternoon at Lakewood St. Edward High School. What are the Cornhuskers getting with Butler?

WHAT IS THERE TO LIKE? Tony Butler is an athlete that passes the look test with ease, at 6-foot-2, 200-pounds. He looks like what people should expect a Power-Five defensive back to look like. He also has great hips for a player his size, so he could remain at cornerback and play the position at 210-pounds. He could also grow into a 220-pound free safety, and his eventual size will probably determine his position at the next level. Has played a lot of wide receiver, so he can track the football in the air. With Butler's physical abilities alone, there are a lot of boxes checked off in the positive column. As a senior, Butler took his game to a higher level, and his coverage skills were improved. 

WHAT ARE THE CONCERNS? This is a player that really found his game as a junior in the playoffs, after struggling for most of his early junior season. To me, it was a case of the light going on and Butler realizing his potential. As a senior, Butler was even better, but there are still concerns about his tackling ability. He will need to play a more physical style at Nebraska, and he improved in that area this season. He will need to add strength in the weight room, but he has the frame to add weight while keeping his speed. This year, Butler started moving from "athlete" to "football player". As that transition continues, Nebraska should be getting a heck of a player.

WHAT ARE THE INTANGIBLES? Butler plays for one of the top programs in Ohio, and has faced great competition his entire career. That will prepare him for life at the college level. This is also a high character kid, and a person that cried when he received his first scholarship offer, because he knew what a free college education meant to his mother. With the ability to play wide receiver, safety, cornerback and also special teams, Butler's versatility can only aid the Cornhuskers on the field. He will probably be ready to contribute as a freshman at Nebraska in some fashion, especially on special teams. As he continues to get coached, Butler's value should only increase. There's a lot to like with Tony Butler. 

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